Laptop internet access at work and at home

  Logov 13:59 23 Sep 2006

My wife uses her laptop all the time both at work and at home and has internet access via a server at work. She'd like to have internet access at home aswell but is worried having two ISP's will mess her laptop up. She bases this on an experience a colleague had when trying to install her home ISP on her laptop. This apparently went fine but afterwards she wasn't able to reconnect at work.

I've no idea whether two ISP's cause problems or not, or indeed if its possible for a laptop to cope with one connection at home and a totally separate one at work. Seems like it should work.

Are there any procedures to follow before attempting this or is it straight forward?

The laptop is running Windows XP by the way.

  johnnyrocker 14:01 23 Sep 2006

best bet is to put a shortcut on desktop of both connections and choose which one required at any time, some slight reconfiguration may be needed.depending on connection deatails


  Logov 20:06 23 Sep 2006

Can two ISP's sit happily together without conflict?

Is there any specific process to complete in order to install a second ISP programme and also keep the first as the primary? Is it a simple matter of just putting the cd in the tray and following the instructions or going through windows connection wizard? (I sound a div I know but I'd be crucified if I got it wrong).

  Daveboy 21:18 23 Sep 2006

Does your wife connect via her ethernet port at work ? And how will she connect at home ?
If both are via ethernet (i.e. you have b/band router at home) it should be relatively straightforward, if one is dial up then not so.

  Taff™ 22:07 23 Sep 2006

If at work they use a domain server there are some minor alterations needed but we can sort those out for you.

I use a laptop at home with Pipex. I log onto my clients networks frequently with no problems at all - there are company domain servers involved and various ISP`s. I simply have to use the correct log in details for each.

I suggest a word with her IT system administrator at work will get her some assistance since they won`t want a conflict either.

  Logov 14:47 27 Sep 2006

Sorry for not replying sooner but have been away from the pc for a few days. Thanks to those who've responded.


Both connections at home and at work are ethernet.


My wife works a relatively small office with no IT administrator or technician. Any help is usually volunteered by spouses and friends. However there is a server to which she is connected.

  Taff™ 02:39 29 Sep 2006

Can you confirm a couple of points. You don`t have broadband at home yet but you mention an ethernet connection - please explain. Also does she have XP home or XP professional installed on her computer?

In all honesty your wife shouldn`t need to install any ISP software on her computer to connect to broadband at home. You basically manually configure the modem provided by the ISP and connect to it. The computer should recognise the connection and away you go.

Similarly she sets up a home e-mail account using her existing e-mail client but that would mean having both work and home e-mail in the same programme which may not be convenient.

As a suggestion she could create a different user account for home use so she could keep everything completely seperate. Does she work from home at all or have a need to check work e-mails from home occasionally?

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