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Laptop intermittent charging problem - any Ideas?

  IanS1 17:33 10 Jul 2017

First a bit of background – 3 months ago I nearly had a serious fire when the power cable on my Lenovo G500 suddenly burst into flame with a shower of sparks. After instantly pulling the cable out from the mains supply, I examined the cable with a x5 magnifier and found a tiny almost imperceptible split in the cable where it enters the little cylindrical thing called a “ferrite core” (i.e. an interference suppressing device, apparently).

For a few weeks before that quite alarming burst of sparks, the laptop had been continuously losing it's charging connection, i.e. one moment it correctly showed the symbol for “plugged in & charging” and then suddenly the symbol would change to show that it was no longer connected or charging. Obviously at that stage I had no idea the cable had any sort of physical damage.

After that I bought a new charging cable (a genuine Lenovo part with the correct spec.), and since then it has worked perfectly until last week when it suddenly started to do exactly the same thing again with the charging suddenly stopping for no apparent reason. Of course this time I immediately examined the cable for any splits, but there is definitely no sign of any split anywhere.

However, I found that if I wind a couple of inches of the cable in a tight loop over & back around the ferrite core & stick it place with some tape, then it keeps the electrical connection and shows the correct little icon for “plugged in & charging”, without intermittently losing the connection.

Of course I'm not happy about bending the cable tightly around the ferrite core like that, because a sharp bend like that might eventually cause a split in the outer plastic cable and/or a break in the internal copper wires. But as a temporary measure it has solved the problem.

My question is – has anyone else encountered anything like this?

Any ideas on why a perfectly good new charger should suddenly become intermittent like this (especially after the same thing recently occurred with previous charger)?

Although it seems quite obvious that the cable must be making a bad connection somewhere, is it possible that it's actually not the cable that's at fault, but maybe instead there is a problem with the battery itself? Or even a problem with the USB charging-socket on the side of the laptop (that socket seems OK though, i.e. it's not loose)? Perhaps I should add that the laptop is 5 years old, and I've always used it with the battery plugged in, so maybe the battery is malfunctioning?

Any ideas?

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