Laptop= IBM Thinkpad 380XD Upgrade Options?

  Chegs ® 22:53 19 Sep 2005

I have this laptop,its presently got a 4Gb HD,64Mbs EDO RAM and 233Mhz Intel CPU.

What are my upgrade options.I have already been to IBM site and upgraded its BIOS,but the newest was still only Feb 2000.Ideally,I would like at least a 10Gb HD and 128Mbs RAM(its running 98se)but haven't been able to suss out if I can actually buy a single stick of 128Mbs EDO(its only got the one slot for RAM)for a laptop.The pdf User guide is pathetic,it tells you what the various multifunction keys are,but makes no reference to upgrades(other than you can carry round several HD's for it)

Its a Brick of a thing,but does for my needs(rather than folks fetching their iffy machines here,I can load various tools onto this laptop and take it to them,freeing up the floor around my desktop which is getting a bit risky for barefeet due to all the "luverly" sharp PC components lying about)

Its battery is long since expired,it runs the PC for about ten minutes from charged,a new replacement can be had for £100 from a shop or £36 of Ebay(guess where I will be buying from)I presently have rigged up a lead to power it from a motorcycle/car battery,but thats not to practical for visiting folks(having to get them to put newspaper down incase the acid eats their shagpile)Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  Chegs ® 09:56 20 Sep 2005


  interzone55 10:39 20 Sep 2005

10Gb hard drives will only be available from computer fairs / Ebay etc.

As far as RAM goes, I can only find 16 & 32mb sticks of EDO. My wife has a 360D, this has 32mb on the motherboard & 16mb in the expansion slot. Is your expansion slot populated?

For all the trouble it will be trying to do any kind of upgrade, won't it be easier to buy a newer second hand notebook?

IBM T23s are available for around £300, they have at least a 1Ghz PIII and 256mb ram and 30gb HDDs

  Chegs ® 10:58 20 Sep 2005

Unfortunately,no job means no £300.I got this laptop off a family member(they had no use for it,and had stuffed XP Pro on it)I had tried to locate EDO RAM (larger size)thru a google search/Crucial,but failed.

I found a few HD's on Ebay,but wondered whether a larger size might not be recognised by BIOS,etc as its a fairly ancient thing(Circa 1999/2000)

As far as I can tell(manuals a bit sketchy)the expansion ports carrying 32Mbs and the machine has 32Mbs elsewhere.

I have tried loading various linux distros on it,the newer distros all state its very low on resources(MDK wont even load)a "Live" CD(Knoppix)took 20mins to finally arrive at a desktop then promptly froze as soon as I tried to do anything,several more attempts later(with apps producing an eggtimer then closing after a few mins)convinced me to upgrade at the least its RAM.

If its unlikely that I can further improve its performance,then I will reload 98se and flog it to someone cheaply,then try and get a better spec laptop from elsewhere.

  interzone55 11:30 20 Sep 2005

If you only want it for transporting software around then you may as well just buy a high capacity USB drive, it'll be cheaper than buying a replacement battery & hard drive for the laptop.

  Chegs ® 11:52 20 Sep 2005

I have already got a cardreader drive(USB)I have a selection of cards for it(32Mb/64Mb)The laptop has PCM cards for network,modem,etc so I decided I'd like to use it for various things in addition to sorting family PC's[hence the linux distro aboard it presently,I'm midway thru cfg'ing the Slackware distro to give me a usable desktop. :-) ]I have several friends(honestly)that run linux PC's,so would like to gain a bit more experience on linux,I tried loading several distros(at different times,not together)on my desktop PC but older distros(and some newer ones)dont like SATA.I have a boat and a couple of maritime maps of the local sea area which I scanned onto my PC,and would like to use these actually at sea,rather than swapping reams of paper about in the boat,and so on.

Until I fully decide on uses for a laptop,I'm trying to avoid buying yet another PC(I have enough junk about to build several more,in addition to the three desktops I have already)

  interzone55 14:07 20 Sep 2005

I've just downloaded Damn Small Linux, it's a tiny distro that fits on a single Zip disk (or 8cm CD) and includes everything most people need. As it's so small it's system requirements are tiny, (486 processor, 32mb ram).

  Chegs ® 14:37 20 Sep 2005

Gave up on the Slackware,my knowledge of Linux wasn't sufficiently great enough to install anything from CD(drivers for the PCM cards) I am presently loading MDK 8.1,its circa approx the same as the laptop(MDK 9.2 gives errors and message about low resources)and this MDK has only errored on install of Nautilus/PCM WiFi card.I tried this distro a while back,when I knew nothing about linux and had no net access to discover its why's & wherefores when using it.

I have several "Live" CD's(Lycoris/Suse/Knoppix,etc)and old distros going back to Suse/RedHat 5 to play with,so additional distros aren't really needed(I believe my mate has also got several small distros to)so I can call thru there and try them,and he can assist me getting to grips with one or other.

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