laptop help needed

  [DELETED] 09:21 20 Apr 2006

Hi guys
Been looking at the posts but cant find one to help me.

I have just got a Medion laptop on XP with a wireless PRISM 802.11g adapter.
The problem is It cant find ANY wireless networks in range, not my router at home or at work, or any other for that matter.
When i try to use the network set up wizard, click on the wireless card, a error message comes up tell me,
"some of the computers hardware is still disconected, before you can continue you must ether plug in or otherwise connect all of your hardware, or select "Ignore disconected network hardware"."
Yet the wireless card is enabled and working.
Whats going on?
How can I get my laptop to see any networks in range.
Please can one of you kind people help me, I have very little knowledge of wireless systems so be gentle with me.


  [DELETED] 10:11 20 Apr 2006

It sounds like your wireless adapter is not switched on.
I presume you know it is enabled and working from Start> Control Panel> System> Device Manager> ?

Does your laptop have a switch to turn wireless on/off?
Sometimes this is a physical on/off switch on the laptop, or pressing a combination of function keys and other times its a software switch (i.e. you click on some program to change the setting).

  [DELETED] 11:37 20 Apr 2006

How can Something so simple can cause so much trouble.
I Live and learn.
I can now detect my works network, so fingers crossed i should be able to hook up to my home network.
once again thanks Danoh.
Probably need some more help later so i will keep in touch. LOL.

  [DELETED] 11:43 20 Apr 2006

you should hear of my own double-dumb mistakes! :-)

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