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  Daisy22 19:10 23 Aug 2007

I am looking to buy a laptop, I only want it for basic things although a DVD RW drive would be nice, I would also like the fastest speed and 2048 mb Ram if possible. I am also happy to continue with XP rather than Vista if I have a choice.

I have other equipment such as printer, scanner, camera, etc. that I may want to connect it to at some point although will probably keep the office PC for that.

I am looking for wireless so I can use my phone system through the PC.

Can anyone recommend something, and as I get confused between Ghz/MB/Ram/GB etc. if you could detail each one exactly for me, so I know what I am looking for.

Many thanks

  skidzy 19:14 23 Aug 2007

Firstly almost all laptops now come wireless enabled.

Can you state your budget please as the choice of laptop is huge.

Take a look at Dell or Acer,but your choices will be endless.

  Daisy22 19:33 23 Aug 2007

I am looking at paying about £500 - £600.

The main problem I have is I can't work out my GB from MB from Ghz etc. My existing PC is 1024 Mb Ram, so I would like something bigger than that, but also quite fast.

As said I only really want something simple, I don't need Norton or any AV software as I am happy with the one I use already (AVG) so I don't really want to be paying for that if I don't need to.

  skidzy 20:03 23 Aug 2007
  Babou 00:53 24 Aug 2007

2Gb of RAM would be a good choice - and this one click here has dual core processors and a big hard drive too. My Acer is similar to this (though not quite as high spec) and it's nice and quick.

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