laptop is heavily under performing

  Luke Williams 10:17 14 Apr 2017

i own an alienware 15r2 the processor is intel core i7 6700hq cpu @2.60 ghz . i have upgraded the ram to 32gb and the other day i bought the alienware external graphics amplifier and a geforce gtx 1070 graphics card to replace the 980m that came with the laptop itself. After everything is installed and all drivers updated im noticing no improvement in fps on any games, if anything its decresed by 5-10 fps and the highest im getting in alot of my games is 30-40 fps. im not all that clued up on how powerful my laptop is but im sure it should be performing MUCH better. the games show the recognise the new card. any info or direction would be great as i have no idea where to go from here. thank you.

  Hurtful Axis 10:40 14 Apr 2017

You have 2.60 GHz CPU. That's not very powerful. Maybe this is the problem. I don't know, I'm not PC expert, but this can be the problem.

  Luke Williams 11:13 14 Apr 2017

ok thanks. Im not sure but im guessing this isnt and easy or even possible upgrade?

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