laptop heating up too much!

  Giggsy252 09:34 11 Jun 2006

hi i got a 24 month old HP laptop and over the last few months it has been really heating up, just even when im using the internet.

Sometimes it gets too much it just turns off. I formatted the hard drive a few weeks ago to get rid of clutter but still no luck. It just slows all my applications down.

Is their anything i can do about this? or is time to invest in a PC, got about 400-500 budget

  Diodorus Siculus 09:39 11 Jun 2006

Get some compressed air and ensure that there is no dust clogging up the fan outlets.

  Ade_1 09:40 11 Jun 2006

My laptop is the same, one way to cure the problem shrot term is to check that their is no dust on the fans, im assuming theyre visible from the bottom of your laptop. I do this by hoovering around that area but not directly onto the fans, i leave the guards over them as i wouldnt want to suck anything out.
Plus on my laptop the fans have tiny holes but it does the trick to get rid of the dust.

However now and again it still has a tendency to overheat if i have a messenger up along with a couple og broswers and maybe a program, but thats only if its on a flat surface. I end up putting it on some books, but only on the edges so that the air can get to the fans, that would be my suggestion for the moment anyway.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:48 11 Jun 2006

click here

Try one of these - a friend has one and it's pretty effective.

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