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Laptop Heat

  thumbscrew 21:55 10 Feb 2011

I've just bought my first Laptop, after several years with a Desktop.I've got to grips with it but I've been astonished by how hot the bottom of it gets, especially the left side as viewed from the top. I've since read that this is common to most of them, but it takes some accepting and I wouldn't accept this level of heat in any other electrical appliance. I've been looking at Laptop stands and I'd appreciate anyone's input about so much heat and, whether or not the stands are useful.

  Nontek 22:06 10 Feb 2011

Laptop heat is normal, but Laptop is not really a good description, as, if held on your lap that just makes it get hotter. Yes, laptop stands are useful, especially those that have built-in fans that blow cooling air on to the base of the machine.

  woodchip 22:07 10 Feb 2011

Heat is normally due to a desktop CPU being used to cut down on cost's. Mobile CPU is cooler but slower, also they use less power from battery than a Desktop CPU. You need to buy a Cooler or use a tray, do not use on carpets or soft furnishings as this will make them heat up faster, plus it will draw in dust and clog the CPU heat Exchanger, there by making it hotter and need a strip down to clean it click here

  thumbscrew 22:11 10 Feb 2011

Hello Nontek and I appreciate the swift reply. Re "Laptop heat is normal", could I ask you to specify how much? EG...uncomfortably hot, to such a degree that you wouldn't want to keep your hand on it for longer than necessary....ergo too uncomfortable.

  thumbscrew 22:13 10 Feb 2011

Cheers too Woodchip, just seen your post...not all favourable reviews to the Cooler?

  100andthirty 22:29 10 Feb 2011

I made my own "cooler" - more like an insuator - with a glass chopping board, alumunium foil, a rubberised mouse mat and double sided tape.

A simpler solution could be a 15mm wood chopping board of appropriate size.

It's worked quite well for nearly three years!

  robin_x 22:30 10 Feb 2011

My 2"x2" inlet on left is on the flat underneath and exhausts horizontally to the left.

Laptop feet don't really all enough clearance, I hang my laptop off the edge of table/mat.

Use Speedfan to keep an eye on temps.
Mine is 55-65 deg C.

Don't use on duvet or lap etc. ie blocking inlet or outlet vents.

click here;1

  thumbscrew 22:32 10 Feb 2011

Thanks 100and thirty, could be potentially a Dragon's Den attempt...any further assembly details?

  woodchip 22:42 10 Feb 2011

Did not look at the reviews on the Cooler but there are plenty more I bought one for a old Medion with Desktop Celeron CPU it had three fans and ran from USB I bought it from Computer Fair about £15 but you can buy them cheaper now. It is very light Lumps of wood and not light. Suggest using a Tray to put it on, I used one for long enough, Don't need it for this HP as its a Centrino Mobile CPU 2.13Ghz and can use it on the Lap. but it flattens the battery fast if just on battery. If I used it for on the road, I would fit a Hi output Battery

  thumbscrew 22:49 10 Feb 2011

Thanks Robin and Woodchip again. However, as a Laptop novice could you give me some idea of what sort of heat is normal/acceptable. It's all new to me so,for instance, an amount of heat that, obviously couln't cause a skin burn. but nevertheless is mighty uncomfortable.

  robin_x 22:57 10 Feb 2011

Don't speed read.

Mine is 55-65 deg C. I can't speak for others.

Use Speedfan to see your temps.
click here

I have a bog standard sub £400 Compaq CQ-61

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