Laptop headphone jack broken, can I use my phone for laptop audio?

  NopeImSorry 20:18 13 Mar 2015

My audio jack is definitely worn out and I need to get it replaced, as a temporary solution can I use my working phone's headjack as audio for my PC in any way, if I connect the phone and laptop together?

I use an android phone and windows PC laptop. Just so I'm clear I'll make sure I'm being understood ... I get that it's a bit complicated. Can I use my phone's headphone jack, with the phone connected to the laptop (via USB), and have my laptop audio streamed onto my phone's sound, and therefore through the headphones?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:35 13 Mar 2015

Don't think you can do what you want with the phone

but you could use one of these

  wee eddie 20:43 13 Mar 2015

A worn out Jack Plug is about as common as a worn out Fork.

What is wrong with it?

Tell us and we may be able to give you a solution

  bumpkin 21:02 13 Mar 2015

I assume it is the socket rather than the plug. Broken sockets are quite common. Don't think I have seen a worn out plug.

  chub_tor 21:26 13 Mar 2015

If your laptop and phone both have Bluetooth, you could probably do it that way.

  NopeImSorry 21:29 13 Mar 2015

Socket yeah, sorry. It can work for about a second, as soon I let go of plug the sound cuts, I can't get it into a good position. Also it only works in one ear now. The headphones are fine though, they work on the phone.

  wee eddie 22:49 13 Mar 2015

Buy a USB SOUND CARD. Cost - about 15 quid

  bumpkin 23:14 13 Mar 2015

A few here click here

I have a cheapo one, about £3 but works OK. If you are confident and have the tools you could try re-soldering the socket.

  NopeImSorry 23:28 13 Mar 2015

Oh I seeee, yeah that looks useful regardless of this issue, I'll probably get one, thanks for that.

  wee eddie 00:26 14 Mar 2015

When I upgraded to W7 from XP, I could not get the MOBO's sound chip to work with W7, so the Jack Socket was useless.

That's what I got

  alanrwood 10:09 14 Mar 2015

Hi wee eddie

The OP has a laptop not a desktop so a sound card is not a choice.


The USB is probably the cheapest and most convenient solution unless you are can good with a soldering iron in which case replacing the jack socket is pretty easy if you can get hold of the correct one.Jack sockets are a common point of failure in lots of products. The internal switch metal spring weakens and the contacts no longer make a circuit or they oxidise, again breaking the circuit.

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