Laptop HDMI to tvv issue

  SparkyJack 18:21 29 Jul 2014

Connected laptop TV via HDMI.

Came to TV good ,showing desktop. All the icons show,but none of the folder.

The pointer moves across the screen ,but when activating an icon the laptop responds normally, but the TV image simply remains desktop-nothing happening as the computer runs.

What's to do?


  BRYNIT 21:18 29 Jul 2014

Right click on desktop and select screen resolution, look where it says multiple displays if it show extended these displays the main desktop will be extended to the second screen (laptop main screen TV second screen) this is where you can open a document files on the main screen and drag it across to the second screen (you usually drag it to the right it will disappear of the main screen to the extended screen).

If you have it set to Duplicate this display what ever you open on one screen will appear on the second.

You can if you want make the TV the main screen or display just the TV but would recommend changing it back before you turn the laptop off.

With HDMI you should also be able to get the sound via the TV. Right click on the speaker icon bottom right of the taskbar, select playback devices and make the HDMI the default remember to change this back to speakers when the HDMI is disconnected.

  SparkyJack 07:34 30 Jul 2014

Thank you BRYNIT

The machine being used for this experiment is running a Linux distro.

So far this facility does not appear to be present

Have also posted the same to LQ.

A waiting or give up game now.

  SparkyJack 12:27 30 Jul 2014

Wool well

We are all 'brainwashed 'Windoze' it seems,even when working a distro.

The issue is now resolved hoewever.

Not an O/S issue at all.

Toggling the 'fn' options produced the desired desuLt

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