Laptop HDD probs...

  TECHNODIMWIT 08:35 12 Feb 2004

I`m trying to sort a friends sony laptop.

various problems due to old software, tried restoring from sony disc's,
It failed t 60% now tells me no operating system,
and will not let me run restore disc telling me it`s an invalid system disk.

also have tried to run my copy of winME but get the same results.

All help gratefully received.

  [email protected] 08:38 12 Feb 2004

Try and find the drives maker and see if they have testing software you can download.

  TECHNODIMWIT 09:05 12 Feb 2004

no idea as to hdd manufacturer,

is it possible to remove the HDD and temp fit to a PC to use disc sanitizer to wipe the drive,

  [email protected] 09:21 12 Feb 2004

I think not, without special leads etc. Try Aida32 or belarc advisor to find out the maker. Either of these will give you the relevan info.

  [email protected] 09:22 12 Feb 2004

Have you tried looking for the spec of the laptop on the sony site?

  TECHNODIMWIT 19:00 12 Feb 2004

i have but they have stopped supprting it.

any ideas as to wiping the drive clean so i can fdisk and format to start again..

  [email protected] 23:21 12 Feb 2004

Use a startup disk and fdick from the dos prompt, The Me startup disk will do the job, but I can't remember how as its been a while but i'm sure that someone here will be able to tell you.

  flecc 23:25 12 Feb 2004

Maplin do an adapter for connecting a laptop hard drive into a standard IDE computer so you could then do the recovery work there.

click here or 0870 264 6000 or their shops.

  flecc 23:33 12 Feb 2004

Here's the details of that connector:-

code ZV01B IDE to 2.5 HDD Adaptor, last year's price was £4.99 including VAT.

  John-259217 01:01 13 Feb 2004

You could also try Drive Fitness test available for download from click here

This software will check the hard drive for problems from a floppy disk so you will be able to use it even if the laptop won`t boot into windows.

Although its mainly intended for IBM and Hitachi hard drives it does work on other makes.


  TECHNODIMWIT 01:34 13 Feb 2004

Thanks flecc, maplins here i come.

m73john, nice but this laptop has no floppy drive,
shame as i have some brutal software to complete the job.


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