laptop has stopped connecting to Wifi

  Rob64 12:12 16 Dec 2008

I have PC in the living room connected to the internet using a Belkin Wireless Router. It connects to the internet ok. Upstairs I have another desktop PC, which connects to the Wireless Network,and works fine.

I also have a Toshiba laptop, which up until 3 days ago used to connect to the wireless network ok. Now for some unknown reason the laptop won't connect, even when in the same room as the Base PC/wireless router.

I've checked that wireless is switched on, on the laptop. I've tried "repair".

The laptop sees my wifi, and identifies it, but when i press "connect" it just sits there.

The small icon in the bottton right hand corner has a red cross, and when I try to connect, I don't get the two little yellow balls indicating that it's trying to connnect. I've re-entered my password; I've re-booted; I've even done a system restore back to last week; but so far no joy.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  recap 12:19 16 Dec 2008

Check in Device Manager to see if there is an exclamation mark against your wireless network adapter. If so check for the latest drivers, right click the adapter and select update driver.

  Rob64 12:20 16 Dec 2008

More Info:
All 3 computers are on XP.

  Rob64 12:30 16 Dec 2008

No exclamation mark, and when I clicked on properties it said device was working ok.

  recap 13:02 16 Dec 2008

If you have set up a workgroup ensure all computers are named correctly and they are in the same workgroup, and their IP addresses correspond to the workgroup.

  Swamee 14:03 16 Dec 2008

might sound weird since your other machines are connecting to the router, but, have you tried restarting the router ? If that doesn't work, try playing around with the wireless card configuration. If that doesn't work either, try running a full system recovery if there' are no important applications on the laptop. If that doesn't help either, then its a faulty wireless card in your laptop.

  Rob64 17:25 16 Dec 2008

Even though it "might sound wierd" as the PC upstairs was connecting ok, a re-boot of the router solved the problem.

As soon as I re-started everything up, the Laptop connected automatically straight away!

Many thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

I'd still like to know why the PC upstairs would connect and the laptop wouldn't. But that can wait for another time!!

  recap 20:09 16 Dec 2008

"I'd still like to know why the PC upstairs would connect and the laptop wouldn't. But that can wait for another time!!"

I think that is one of the mysteries we all would like to know Rob64. It happens to me, my partner and my son quite often, one will be able to connect when another can't until rebooting the Router.

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