Laptop has now how do i go wireless???

  julius44 21:22 11 Aug 2007

Hello my friend has just realised that the laptop she bought from Dell in 2004 has no wifi connection. She can use it for internet connection but no for Wi-fi. They have a wireless router in the house but shes unable to use it, as dell told her that it wont work. I just want to find out WHAT she can do to get wi-fi for her laptop. She doesnt want to open up her laptop, so pls what can she do?? USB netowork adaptor?? or what?? pls give me detailed information....on what to do??

  dan* 21:34 11 Aug 2007

What is the model number of the laptop.

This will tell if it has or has not WiFi, just checking. Also it will tell if a PCMCIA card or a USB dongle would be best.

  julius44 21:44 11 Aug 2007

Hi her laptop is a Dell inspiron 8600

  dan* 22:35 11 Aug 2007

They are two model of this laptop.

You have two choices, you could user a pcmcia card that fits nearly flush with the left hand side of the laptop, like this click here=

Or a plug in usb dongle like this click here=

Either should connect the laptop to the wireless router.

  julius44 23:26 11 Aug 2007

Hi dan, i'm considering the usb option....sorry my i think theres a problem with my copy and paste function,......but on the argos no 6768023, pls tell me if this 1 will do the trick, thanks

  dan* 23:40 11 Aug 2007

Hi julius44

I use the belkin usb in most circumstances. it's a good dongle. Check out click here click here click here

This will do what you want, see my reply to your email:-)

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