Laptop has lost network.

  Conny 23:14 11 Mar 2008

My daughters laptop was working fine until a few days ago. When she tries to connect to the internet it cannot find a network. We have tried it in a friends house to rule out a router problem and it won'tfind her network either. There is a switch on the front to enable the wireless connection but when we turn this on the light is flickering. Should it be steady? Is this an indication that the laptop is at fault? Her friend was able to connct to our network when she brought hers in.
My daughters laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-NR21J/S running Vista Home edition

  Conny 23:16 11 Mar 2008

Sorry, we found a diagnostic message saying 'adaptor not connected' if this is of any help.

  ambra4 23:52 11 Mar 2008

“There is a switch on the front to enable the wireless connection but when we turn this on the light is flickering. Should it be steady?”

The flickering light is the wireless card trying to connect to the wireless router and will only be steady once it connected

Check that the wireless card is Enable/Disable from inside the Network Connection Area

Start-Setting-Network Connection-Right click-Wireless Area Connection-Enable or Disable as required

Some times you have to Disable and Enable before the card will connect to the wireless system

Check out these sites on how to Setup the wireless system could save you a lot of time.

click here

click here

  Ashrich 23:53 11 Mar 2008

Can you have a look in device manager ( right click on " computer " on desktop , select " properties " then at the top right , click on Device Manager , expand the network adapters and see if it is listed , if it is , double click on it and select the " advanced " tab , you should be able to see if it is enabled ( you can turn it on and off from there ) . Then try the wireless switch at the front again .


  keef66 11:10 12 Mar 2008

Is her wireless adapter a plug in card type (pcmcia)? If so it may have become inadvertently ejected from it's slot. Check at the side for a slot the size of a fat credit card, and if there's card in there make sure it's clicked in properly.

  keef66 11:13 12 Mar 2008

ignore my post; just looked at the spec and the wireless lan is built-in

  Conny 20:42 18 Mar 2008

Thanks guys/gals.
Have tried your suggestions, Ambra, second site was very informative and simple to follow, thank you.
Unfortunately it turns out there may be a problem with the laptop and it has now been returned to the supplier for investigation.
Thanks for all your help.

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