Laptop has completely frozen up

  ponytail 12:39 05 Jul 2014

Not sure what the problem is but just got a message from the police saying my computer has been locked.Was unable to shut down properly so pressed the power button when I pressed the power button to turn it back on the same message screen was there.Turned it back on again and tried to use safe start by pressing the F8 button continuously but it was still the same am writing thison my wifes laptop.Can someone advise Thanks

  rdave13 13:03 05 Jul 2014

A lot of info, here , including making a bootable usb or disc for removal.

  tullie 13:05 05 Jul 2014

The message certainly wasent from the police,you have been infected.Im sure someone will come and help you.

  wee eddie 13:10 05 Jul 2014

How did you get this message. If by email, did you click on any links?

Meantime, Unplug it from the mains, if a laptop, remove the battery as well > Turn it on (of course it won't, but use the On/Off switch anyway) > Leave it turned on for a couple of minutes > Use to On/Off Switch to turn it off > Replace the battery or plug it back into the mains.

Now try switching it on again, while continuously Tapping either the F8 (or the F5) Button.

Report back

  ponytail 13:19 05 Jul 2014

It says it is from the metropolitan British police The amount of the fine is £100

  rdave13 13:21 05 Jul 2014

See my link.

  bumpkin 13:37 05 Jul 2014

Sounds like Ukash virus which has been around for a long time. Try system restore in safe mode and malwarebytes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:42 05 Jul 2014

Its called ransom ware and particularly nasty as it locks your machine until you pay up and even then there is no guarantee that they will give you the unlock code.

Option 3 (Kaspersky Rescue Disk) on the link from rdave13 is the best method of getting rid of it and freeing up your machine

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:30 05 Jul 2014

Have got rid of it on some PCs by being very fast with task manager at boot and stopping the process that brings up the lock screen and that using malwarebytes to get rid of it all. but as I said before the best and easiest is to use a Kaspersky Rescue Disk

  onthelimit1 16:04 05 Jul 2014

Kaspersky usually works with this one. If not, Hitmanpro Kickstart (free) has worked for me several times. Details and guide from Bleeping Computer from here

  ponytail 17:48 05 Jul 2014

I did a system restore then ran ccleaner and the did a scan with Bullguard and it has not re-appeared since.Do not have malwarebytes used to can I run it along side Bullguard.Thanks for all the advise

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