Laptop Harddrive full :(

  jacksony 07:00 16 Jul 2005

I have a 35GB laptop and 30GB is full. How can I get more memory without buying a new laptop. I dont want to delete any of the files I already have.

Can I buy a separate bigger harddrive, and get someone to swap it with the current harddrive in the laptop?

  rossol 07:07 16 Jul 2005

u could buy a external hard drive and cradle with a usb attachment and just plug it in then u would not lose anything on your hard driver

  ICF 07:10 16 Jul 2005

I Little bit more info would be helpful.For starters what make and model of laptop are you talking about?

  jacksony 07:17 16 Jul 2005

I dont really want an external harddrive.

The laptop is a Toshiba dynabook tx/2513cmsw

  EARLR 13:05 16 Jul 2005

Short of getting a new internal HD for your laptop an external HD is your only answer. I bought a Targa Data Box 250 from LIDI for 139 eur. it works great.

  bremner 13:11 16 Jul 2005

"Can I buy a separate bigger harddrive, and get someone to swap it with the current harddrive in the laptop?"


Find a small independent local shop and they will do it for a price. A 60GB 2.5" drive will set you back about £70 click here

  jacksony 04:47 17 Jul 2005

Ok Thanks. So, if I buy an external harddrive is there any freeware i can use to password protect the stuff on it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:48 17 Jul 2005

Encryptors / Security:-
Easycrypto deluxe click here
Powercrypt 2000 click here
The Lock click here
Hide Folders click here
Folderlock click here

  The BB 12:01 17 Jul 2005

Are you sure it is full of useful stuff?

I cleared out a couple of gig of temporary files, trial installs and duplicated files (along with incremental backups - having redone a full one). And don't forget to ZIP or compress rarely used stuff.

If you really have that much, consider if it is all needed on a laptop or whether a desktop would be a better repository and laptop a portable solution.

Apologies if this is egg sucking, but if its not asked ...

  fitcher 12:09 17 Jul 2005

anything other than your system can be sent to an exterior drive then the system itself (xp) can be sent with acronois to a dvd writer drive .the reason I do this is to reduce the system size to fit on to a dvd 98 can be sent to a cd writer provided it is under the cd disk size of 700mb,and with acronis you can replace everything (must be to the same pc off course )

  fitcher 12:15 17 Jul 2005

to add exterior hard disk is a laptop 60gb that could be taken out of its case..and used in my own laptop . if needed

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