Laptop hard drive swap

  BLACK CATS 11:23 05 May 2004

Anyone suggest help here please .I have a HP Pavillion N5431 with a faulty dvd/cd drive ( the dvd works the cd doesnt ) - it has an IBM 10GB Hard Drive . I have removed the hard drive and put it into an IBM Thinkpad A20 and completely reinstalled Win XP and other software - this has completed and booted up succesfully on the Thinkpad .I have then removed the Hard Drive from the thinkpad and put it back into the HP Pavillion but it wont boot up again - it just hangs at a black screen with the cursor flashing .I have created the 6 floopy disks to get back to the repair console but where should I go from there .


  Taran 12:08 05 May 2004

You can't install XP in this way.

Changing the major hardware components on a system requires XP reactivation and you'd be best off running a clean install of XP.

If you have a working floppy drive on the system, you could put the hard drive into the Thinkpad, format it as FAT 32, copy the i386 folder from your Windows XP CD ROM to the hard drive, put the hard drive back into the HP, boot from a Windows 98 startup floppy and run a manual install.

This is a bit fiddly since you have to run a few command switches from the floppy for reliable installation and you also have to copy SMARTDRV.EXE from the Windows XP CD to the floppy. With XP (and Windows 2000) you have to manually start SmartDrive from the floppy otherwise running an install from a DOS prompt will take about six or eight hours or so.

I posted a brief description of how to do this on another thread: click here

Basically all you've done is installed an operating system to one platofmr of XYZ hardware then moved the hard disk to another machine that has ABC hardware. The oerating system hasn't the faintest idea where it is or how to work with thr different hardware setup.

There's a good article on a rejigged Windows 2000 install that can be applied to XP on Paul Thurrott's excellent website:

click here

It describes how to start stmartdrive manually and run an install.

  temp003 12:09 05 May 2004

You need to do a repair installation, because the XP you have installed on the hard disk now has all the hardware drivers for the Thinkpad.

You will still need to have access to a CD/DVD drive (but you say the DVD drive works).

After you boot up from floppies, Press Enter to enter XP Setup, F8 to accept agreement, it will then detect that there's an existing installation of XP at C:\WINDOWS.

You should get an option to press R to repair existing installation. You can insert the XP CD now, press R and follow the prompts. It's just like a full installation (but just no need to format), and any installed programs or data will be kept intact.

  temp003 12:21 05 May 2004

Sorry, I misread your post - I thought you had a DVD drive and a CD drive - I think you must mean there's only one drive which can now read DVD but not CDs. I did wonder why you didn't boot up from the "working" DVD drive.

You'll have to install it from the hard disk as suggested by Taran.

  BLACK CATS 12:29 05 May 2004

I will try that Taran and post the outcome

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