Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

  TicTacToc 15:25 17 Feb 2006

I am trying to recover the data from a corrupt hard drive from my hp ze4325us.

I believe the best method is to get the hard drive out and put it in a 2.5 inch hard drive enclosure, which has a USB2 lead to plug into a desktop. You can then use recovery software to get the data off it.

I wanted to know whether the following would be adequate for the job:

click here

Any other info on the matter?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:30 17 Feb 2006

It will work but may be an expensive way to do it if your not going to use the drive enclosure again.

An adaptor cable simular to click here can be purchase for approx £4-£5.

  TicTacToc 16:35 17 Feb 2006

ok thanks I'll look into that, although using an adaptor cable seems a little more complicated.

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

Which part of this is my hard drive? (this is my laptop)

I hope it works

  woodchip 16:38 17 Feb 2006


Yes that's the way to do it

  nerawan 16:43 17 Feb 2006

I bought one for #20 , two years ago in the PC Fair (saturday & sunday only)behind Argos (Tothemham Court Road). last week went again and saw some of them for only $5. I was surprised.(I can't get the pound sign)

  TicTacToc 17:11 17 Feb 2006

ok thanks nerawan.

(Nerawan - off topic, but I have had the 'no pound sign problem too. I think its because your keyboard is set to US. If you have a little 'EN' sign on your start bar click on it and change it to United Kingdom. If you dont, right click on it, click toolbars then click language bar. This should get the little EN so you can change it to UK.)

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