Laptop Hard Drive Problem

  fitshase 11:56 03 May 2003

My girlfriend took her laptop into school to run a game for the children. However, upon loading Windows 98 (which loaded OK), the hardrive started making a "whizzing" noise which was very loud. It was making the same noise when she brought it home last night.

Upon switching on last night, the computer tries to boot up and then comes up with the message:-

" One or more of your disk drives may have developed bad sectors. Press any key to run ScanDisk with surface analysis on these drives..."

ScanDisk then loads and doesn't start, coming up with the message:-

" ScanDisk encountered a data error while reading the FAT on drive C. This error prevents ScanDisk from fixing this drive."

It then continues to load Windows and then comes up with:-

"Data error reading drive C. Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?"

I have managed to boot up to DOS and transfer most of her files onto floppies. I haven't copied any large files because some of them are over 6MB in size and are not that important.

Windows will not load in Safe Mode and I am wondering whether or not to just FDisk the lot and start from scratch. Is the Harddrive knackered or will a re-format do the trick?

Any help is much appreciated.



  fitshase 12:36 03 May 2003

I have just got back to the "Data error reading drive C. Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?" prompt and I just kept pressing Retry.

It now loads a bit and says:-

"Windows was unable to process the registry. This may be fixed by rebooting to Command Prompt Only and running SCANREG /FIX. Otherwise there may not be enough free conventional memory to properly load the registy."

then it says:-

"While initiating device VKD. Windows protection error. Restart you computer. Press any key to continue..."

Help please!



  VoG™ 12:40 03 May 2003

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  DieSse 16:52 03 May 2003

It sounds like your HDD has gone to the great magnetic rubbish dump in the sky.

But you could try the following first. Take out the HDD and re-insert it firmly. I have known poor contacts to show up after a journey.

And, yes, by all means try fdisk and format. If the format finds bad sectors, I think you'll just have to bite the bullet with your drive.

  hugh-265156 17:16 03 May 2003
  fitshase 20:28 03 May 2003

I have taken the plunge and FDisk'd the drive. I deleted the old partition, re-installed Windows (which formatted the drive) and the format didn't pick up any bad sectors. I have ran ScanDisk again and nothing is out of the ordinary.

The drive is still making a noise - albeit a quieter noise than before. Everything seems to be working OK but I don't know for how much longer! Might have to invest in a new drive.

DieSse - I tried the method of checking the contacts and it stil did the same thing.

I shall now tick this as resolved (until it fails again - but I'll just buy a new drive).

Thanks again,



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