Laptop Hard Drive Cloning Problem.

  Demora 15:20 01 Apr 2009


I have aquired a larger SATA 2.5inch hdd for my laptop, so I wish to clone everything from the original Hdd. (WinXP Home )

I have all the external connections and when I connect the new hdd to the laptop via usb the mouse and most everything freezes or becomes slow.

I cannot get to Acronis to start this proceedure.

Any ideas as to what may be wrong.



  Demora 16:39 01 Apr 2009

Would formatting this drive via my desktop pc help my problem?


  canarieslover 17:19 01 Apr 2009

I take it that the external drive is powered from your USB port. It sounds as though there is not enough power available to run that and your mouse. Does the freezing happen when you are running on mains power as well as on battery?

  Demora 17:26 01 Apr 2009

I have the External hdd connected via usb and it is also powered by the mains. I am usinin SATA to USB connection board not a caddy This has its own power source.

'Does the freezing happen when you are running on mains power as well as on battery?'



  Demora 17:28 01 Apr 2009

BTW all my other external Hdds work. So I'm wondering if, because its not formatted that this is the problem. The desktop recognised it but needed to format it. 83% done as I speak.


  Demora 11:42 02 Apr 2009

I'm going to mark this as resolved as I had to put both 2.5 hdds into the desktop pc and clone from there.

I found a useful web address

click here

And down the page was the quote below.

'Cloning Laptop Hard Drives

To upgrade a laptop's hard drive, you'll also need a traditional desktop system on hand. Most laptops allow for the installation of only one hard drive. But by using an inexpensive laptop hard-drive adapter, such as the one pictured below, you can cable both the original and new laptop hard drives to a desktop PC. '

Thanks canarieslover though.


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