Laptop hard disk removal!

  bally1020 19:27 03 Oct 2004

Hi there i have had a laptop for a while, the screen is broken and i have decided to do away with the laptop and sell it as spares. Anyway! It has a hard drive inside it, a lot of the components slide out or can be unscrewed via little panels on the bottom of the machine. However, i cant seem to find out how to take out the HDD. I have a compag laptop, quite an old one but i have forgotton the model number for now. I can get it if you want to know, but is there a general way of taking out the hdd?

Last question, if i took it out, does it take standard sized IDE cables so i can plug it into my pc and copy the information ? (thats why im trying to get it out)

Any help greatly appriciated !



  bremner 19:31 03 Oct 2004

A laptop has a 2.5" drive with different IDE connections to a 3.5" drive. You can buy adapters to enable connection to a standard IDE connector.

As for where the drive actual is, I remove these things regularly and the one thing that is consistant is that they are all different. Unless you tell us the model it will be impossible to say.

However if you have no intention of ever putting the machine back together then a simple removal of all the screws and a disassembly of the case will inevitably reveal the HDD. Be very careful not to damage the pins on the drive though,

  bally1020 19:37 03 Oct 2004

compag armada 700

thats the only name that comes to mind. I may have to buy a small adapter and take out all the screws in the case then!!! Have you ever come into contact with one of these machines?

Not incredibly fast but quite sturdy, keyboard is flat , bit boxy looking machine.

CHeers for the prompt response


  bremner 20:02 03 Oct 2004

click here

Take a look at the pdf. Page 1.18 shows a screw to release the HDD. From experience I am guessing that after undoing this you will be able to pull the casing on the side and this will draw the HDD out.

  bally1020 20:13 03 Oct 2004

i shall try it!
thanks every so much

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