Laptop Hard Disk Connectivity (non IDE/SATA)

  taylor99 12:41 02 Nov 2010


I hoping you will be able to shed some light on an issue for me.

I have a Compaq note book which is currently suffering some issues with either the BIOS or the hard disk.

The hard disk is a Fujitsu MHR2020AT (Part No. CA06062-B65200C1), I need to connect this drive to my desktop to perform some disk checks and move some data off the device. The problem I am having is I can't find a cable/converter with the right connections. The connection on the disk looks like an IDE but it is slighlty different.

Do you know what this connection type is and where I can find a converter for it?

Any help is much appreciated.

Many Thanks

  Nontek 13:00 02 Nov 2010

click here or similar, plenty if you look on Google.

  gengiscant 13:15 02 Nov 2010

Its just a standard 2.5 harddrive as far as I can make out so something from here will do you.
I have one, very here

  taylor99 15:52 02 Nov 2010

Thank you for your prompt replies. I did try a product from pc world which look similar to those suggested but it did not have the correct connection.

The pins on the hard disk are arranged as below which doesn't hook up to a normal IDE cable, it may be an older design as I belive the laptop it came from is approx 7 years old.

HDD Pins;
::::::::::::'::::::::: ::

The standard IDE pins seem to be arranged in two lines of 20.

Do you know if any of the suggested products have the correct connector for my HDD?

  taylor99 15:56 02 Nov 2010

It looks like the connection type I need is a "44-way Micro IDC" now I just need to find a converter

  gengiscant 16:00 02 Nov 2010

Something like this click here
or this click here

  Nontek 16:02 02 Nov 2010

You can ignore the 4 pins slightly separated at the end of the two rows, the items gengiscant and I have mentioned, will connect your drive ok.

  Nontek 16:08 02 Nov 2010

On my own USB2.0 IDE/SATA cable setup box, it states "IDE 44Pin connect 2.5" IDE HDD, IDE 40Pin connect 3.5" IDE HDD or IDE Device, SATA connect 2.5"/3>5" SATA HDD."

  taylor99 16:09 02 Nov 2010

Excellent I'll give it a try.


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