Laptop Hanging

  Large JD 10:09 08 Feb 2012

I have an Acer Windows XP laptop that boots but then the keyboard goes dead and just hangs! I thought it was as a result of a corrupted file of something, so first i did i system restore, no improvement! Then i did a return to factory settings. Now when i boot it begins the windows set up, asking me for the computer name etc, but when i imput the location, time zone and keyboard style it just hangs again. I've tried starting it up in safe mode but it say system install not complete. I've tried using a usb keyboard but no improvement. Is this laptop no caput or can i get it repaired? Is only used as an emergency back up and for my son doing his homework. Times are hard so i'm trying to avoid shelling out for new one! Any pointers would be helpful :-) Thanks in advance LargeJD

  birdface 11:10 08 Feb 2012

computer name etc.I sometimes have to click on the arrow for that for it to show the proper name then click on that.

Have you managed to get into device manager to see if any yellow exclamation marks on there.

Or event viewer to see if it shows the problem.

Or maybe download and run a good anti-malware program.

  birdface 11:22 08 Feb 2012

oops sorry you cannot get it to run.I don't suppose it was having trouble with the time or date before your problems started.

Try it with the Laptop battery removed it should not make any difference but you never know.

Not sure if a reformat would help.You would need an original XP Cd for that and the activation code should be on a sticker underneath the Laptop,

Best leaving until some of the experts on this sort of thing can give you the information that you are looking for.

  robin_x 11:30 08 Feb 2012

I wonder if a new CR2032 Motherboard BIOS battery might help? Only a guess.

Does a Linux Live CD boot? (Try, not Install)

  Large JD 15:03 08 Feb 2012

Thanks for your comments both! (computer name etc.I sometimes have to click on the arrow for that for it to show the proper name then click on that.) Answer to this is yes, have tried just hitting enter and clicking on the arrow, same issue occurs. I should point out that when the system is just hanging the fan is going at full pelt! Also the problem appeared to start when i came to start the pc the following day, following windows updates installing the previous night. hence the reason for me trying a restore. When i did the restore this then caused a problem with Nortons, requiring its removal. I decided to just use the Acer inbuilt restore and take it back to the factory settings. I should also say the battery is next to useless, but this in't a problem as it never leaves the house so is plugged in when required.

I hadn't considered the motherboard battery to be a potential scource of the problem. Worth investigating maybe!

Prior to the restore it would start up in safe mode which gave me the chance to transfer files off and run the restore.

Any more advise would be greatly received...

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