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Laptop > Monitor HDMI problem

  [email protected] 15:35 20 Sep 2015

Since this morning I've been having this weird,annoying problem with my laptop. I've wired it to my monitor via HDMI ... : click here and I have a stable connection for about 15-20mins.After that my HDMI starts turning on and off,making that USB unplug sound.Both the monitor and my laptop display start turning on and off every 4-5 seconds.What could be causing this? The HDMI port hasn't sustained any damage what so ever and I bought my laptop in February this year ..

My laptop model is ASUS n751jx-t4027d and my monitor is SAMSUNG SyncMaster S22B150 . I've had the monitor plugged in like that since February and didn't have a single issue with it until now.



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