laptop graphics upgrade

  mrjuice1 20:59 14 Mar 2006

hello every one im having real trouble finding some where that sells graphics cars for laptops. i have found nvidia make about three but i cant find any where that sells them if there is any one out there that has seen these for sale please could you let me know im pulling my hair out actually im bald!!

  Softstag 23:25 14 Mar 2006

Graphics cards for laptops are integrated in to the motherboards. You cannot AFAIK by them separately. nVidia make Graphics chipsets which laptop manufacturer's can use on their motherboards. It is therefore not possible to upgrade the graphics on a laptop.

  Totally-braindead 00:31 15 Mar 2006

Can't be done, sorry, as Softstag says they are built in to the motherboard.

  mrjuice1 05:43 15 Mar 2006

but my laptop has a pci express slot (packardbell easynote 7) and i have seen on the nvidia web site that they do make such a card to fit in the space.

  De Marcus™ 07:45 15 Mar 2006

They may well make them to fit your laptop but actually getting hold of one is another ball game. As far as I'm aware they aren't sold retail. Laptops have yet to evolve in terms of upgrading parts like we can with a desktop, that's all about to change in my opinion in the next 5-10 years. For now though your very likely stuck with the one you have.

  Totally-braindead 11:15 15 Mar 2006

If the graphics card upgrades for your laptop exists then I suggest you try contacting Packard Bell about getting one. Perhaps if you log in to the website and enquire about spares/repairs the updated graphics may be there. When I last looked at laptops last year there were a couple of top end very expensive laptops that said the graphics could be upgraded but the idea was so new at the time, at least to me, that there was only one graphics card available and that was the one that was fitted, there was mention of new cards coming out in the future but no details of how much it would cost.
Sorry but thats my only suggestion.

  mrjuice1 16:01 15 Mar 2006

thanks to every one, been a big help, the reason i was asking is because i baught a game (black and white 2) and my comp has more than the minumum requiements but it wont work due to pixle shader 1.1 required. is there any thing i can download or any settings i can change, this confuses me because (the sims 2) a very graphics hungry game works fine.

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