Laptop Graphics card -Help needed

  roders 13:34 25 Nov 2003

Hi, my dad has recently bought a laptop and the sad person he is whants to play a train game, upon installing it wouldnt play as no graphics card. I know nothing about laptops, but i know they dont take cards that pc takes.

could someone advise what type he needs and possibly where to purchase from

Many Thanks

  DieSse 13:42 25 Nov 2003

All computers have a graphics card, or the equivalent on the motherboard - you would not see anything on the screen without it.

As a general rule you cannot do anything to change the graphics on a laptop - it's just not possible.

To find otu what graphics are in the laptop, download and run ADA32 click here this will tell you what is fitted.

You say his program wouldn't run - what error message did he get?

Can you give the make and model of the laptop too, please, and the name of the game.

  roders 13:54 25 Nov 2003

Cheers at work at moment, when i get home tonight i will take a look at exactly what model it is, im sure its an ibm thinkpad and will run the program you kindly provided above.

The game is microsoft train simulator which is obviously high on graphics useage, i think the graphics card with the laptop is just basic and not powerful enough to run the game.

When opened game to play it just wouldnt load up, it was just a blank screen

il update tonight


  Ex Cossack 14:09 25 Nov 2003

I agree with DieSse. I don't think it's possible to actually change the graphics "card" in a laptop. You could try these sites though and see if someone can help you. click here or click here

  roders 14:15 25 Nov 2003

cheers cossack

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