laptop graphic card Driver

  peterleemaxwell 10:45 19 Apr 2006

My friend has a old laptop which now runs very well except for one thing. The graphics card driver needs upgrading as it only has 16 colours. Unfortunately the Laptop has no make and is generic.The only thing it has is a code FT6720. The card comes up with the description,
"Standard PCI Graphics Adaptor (VGA)". Any help appreciated.

  [DELETED] 10:50 19 Apr 2006

FT6720 relates to the battery, so its not that, the make and model of the lappy will be on it somewhere if you could post that might give us a place to start looking..

  [DELETED] 10:55 19 Apr 2006

If there really is absolutly nothing on it to give you a clue try this SIW it may give more info from which to identify the laptop click here

  [DELETED] 10:57 19 Apr 2006

click here
FT6720 is i think the make and model number of the lappy try the link it may help, you will need to register (free)

  peterleemaxwell 10:59 19 Apr 2006

Thanks for the quick reply. All that is on the laptop is:-The number plus a type of make? 'Csa' Lr102064 serial No.6721000615007 Made in Taiwan
Hope this helps

  [DELETED] 11:14 19 Apr 2006

I think FT6720 is the key, would be tempted to try the link first to see what comes up, i will try the same...

  [DELETED] 11:18 19 Apr 2006

Well that didn't take too long the link finds no referance to FT6720, the other number and the serial also do not relate to anything,could be a long search........

  [DELETED] 11:34 19 Apr 2006

WELL!!! at the moment i cannot find any ref, to the drivers you are looking for,only piece of advice i can give for now is to post a request on the link,good luck

ps. i'll keep looking........

  peterleemaxwell 11:42 19 Apr 2006

Thanks SANTOS7
It's Appreciated

  [DELETED] 11:43 19 Apr 2006

appears to be a `featron` but links relating to it are few and far between...closest i found is this .de site
click here

  [DELETED] 11:47 19 Apr 2006

Sort of skirted around that link, so all you need now is someone who can speak German and your halfway there.........

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