Is this laptop good enough for playing Lovefilm on a TV?

  DavidH143 18:48 13 Jan 2012

I am new to laptops. I want to play lovefilm online player on my TV a Panasonic viera. I am sure it has the relevant connections being a good modern-ish TV. I wanted to play movies from my laptop to the TV.

The laptop is Click here

A few questions-

1) Will the laptop if plugged in use as much electricity as an average sky + plus box. Roughfly.

2) Is the processor quick enough

3) I assume I can run my laptop off the wireless router connected to my desktop. I do this with a mobile phone at the moment. Can I then run a cable from my laptop to my TV. Will this then all work ? Or do I need another router for the laptop as well.

4) Will my broadband provider charge more for using a second laptop computer and a new router if I have to do it this way ?

I just wondered in general how good the lap top was for its price and if it will cope for the next three years.

Many thanks for you help and sorry if it was confusing from my previous post.

Thanks very much!

  lotvic 21:39 13 Jan 2012

So what you are wanting to do is play streaming movies on a laptop and use the TV as the monitor to view them. (streaming movies = watching them from the internet)

At present are you able to successfully watch streaming movies on your desktop pc? because it is the speed of your Internet Connection that is just as important.

You do not need another router, you can only have one router connected to your ISP (broadband provider).

You can connect as many pc's and laptops to the router as you wish. Routers usually have sockets for 4 cable connections to computers and then you can wirelessly connect other devices like laptops as well. Your ISP (broadband provider) does not care how many are connected, but remember they will have to share the bandwidth between them. As a rough guide, if your actual download speed is 8Mb and you connect 4 devices then each device will only be able to download at a speed of 2Mb (actual download speed = do a speedtest at to find out)

You will have to look at the manual for your TV to find out if it can be used as a monitor for a pc and see what connection sockets it has for a computer to be plugged in.

  DavidH143 22:05 13 Jan 2012

Hi thank you very much as you say more than one socket in the router so I could plug in another ethrenet cable.

My computer monitor works well with playing back the movies to me. I wanted to take it a step further and connect my laptop to my TV which I have not bought yet. The laptop I thought of buying was in the link above. My Tv will be compatible as its very modern panasonic LCD and has lots of connections allowed.

Are you saying I should check in my TV manual which cable I use to link my laptop to my TV ? Does it say there normally ?

Is it possible 'not' to connect my router to my laptop. Could I just use wifi and then find a suitable cable going to my TV only ?

Lovefilm movies are pre-recorded and can be watched online or by connecting a TV they say. This is there link Here Is this basically streaming then ?

  difarn 07:57 14 Jan 2012

According to the Self Help Guide for Panasonic Viera TV's you can connect the tv by ethernet directly to your router and so connect to your network - you should be able to stream from the internet following this.

The illustration on the Love film site from your link shows your PC connected to your PC by a cable connector and using it as a second monitor. This link to Love Film shows you can stream films from them directly to an internet ready device (including tv), which has to be registered.

  difarn 08:02 14 Jan 2012

Forgot to answer your first question about the laptop - there doesn't appear to be any reason why you cannot stream Love Films via this. The key thing as DavidH143 says is internet connection speed. You do need to check the connections for your TV and to check it is internet ready.

  DavidH143 21:34 14 Jan 2012

Yes I was wanting to use the laptop to save electricity. I think you are agreeing with my second post. Can I have an answer that is specific. Can my laptop operating from a wifi connection from the desktop router ( with no cable due to wifi) therefore have one cable ONLY just to the TV. I think above you were agreeing with me. Perhaps to show that you are can you state exactly what you think I mean just in case I misunderstand.

The idea for me is not to have my desktop on . Instead just having the router on to wifi to my laptop. Then the laptop (one cable only) to the tv. I will have to check the TV is internet ready or just enabled I agree.

Thanks very much!

  difarn 23:49 14 Jan 2012

You can use your laptop wirelessly and attach your tv by the relevant cable to your laptop if the tv has this facility (the Love Film link shows you the options - then you can use your tv set as a second monitor.

The laptop you linked to should be adequate for this purpose - the important bit is whether you get a good signal from your router.

You mention that you want to save electricity by using a laptop - remember that there is a limit to the number of hours you can use a laptop without it being plugged in to the mains.

The second option I spoke about is that the tv set you mention should have the facility to be linked directly to your router, and thereby to the internet, and can stream the films direct if that is what you want.

About electricity usage - found an interesting comment:-

"in theory, a kettle would use 40 times more power than a laptop. So, you could use your laptop for 3 hours and 20 mins or have a hot drink for the same money"

I don't know about the Sky box.

Hope this helps.

  Proclaimer 17:38 16 Jan 2012

You should also consider your Bandwidth limit as a 2 hour movie streaming in HD can use anything between 3-5gb of bandwith, per movie.

  markd71 00:18 18 Jan 2012

The laptop is an old piece of used crap by Dell, you're only buying trouble. XP is dead ! Put a few more quid in and buy a new one or an X-Box or Sony Playstation

  DavidH143 22:36 18 Jan 2012

Thanks for your answers much appreciated. Because I have never had a laptop perhaps there are a few things I do not understand. I intend plugging in my laptop if there is no battery power left and so I do need the mains yes. I thought that a laptop processor or all the working components plugged into the mains would use much less electricity than the desktop working components and a monitor. Am I wrong ?

  frybluff 22:45 18 Jan 2012

Certainly agree with Markd71. Forget buying a second hand laptop, online, especially with XP! The only guarantee is that you'll be buying another one in a few months time! False economy. You can get a new laptop, to do all you want, and more, especially if you've got a desktop as well, for little more than £300. If you really want to economise with a reconditioned one, find a good local repairer (Which? Local is a good place to look), as they often do reconditioning. At least, then, you are dealing with someone face to face, who can give you advice.

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