Laptop going extremely slowly

  danpep5552 09:17 29 Dec 2006

My laptop is playing up. I sent my Aspire back and they fitted a new hard drive two months ago under warranty. In the last few days everything is taking 20 minutes or so to open or longer or even not at all. Can't get in to delete programmes. I have run an anti virus and a tune up to no avail. We added a Microsot wireless keyboard and mouse since xmas being the only change made. There is not much to lose - shall I try and reinstall windows? Thanks

  Taff™ 09:35 29 Dec 2006

How much RAM is fitted? What do you have running at startup that takes 20 minutes to load!To check go to Start>Run and type "MSCONFIG" then look at the startup tab.

Another good indicator is to look in Task Manager - Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and look at the processes tab. Click on the CPU column header and make a note of the top 10 processes that are running - post back the results.

  danpep5552 09:59 29 Dec 2006

There is 512mb ram. The laptop starts much slower than normal but there is hardly any programmes on. After loading it takes about 20 minutes for the NTL homepage to load for example. CPU usage is 10K plus for logitech (which is good considering we having added a microsoft keyboard and mouse,ccApp.exe is13K plus i.e. 8K plus, Explorer exe is 18K plus, another is15K plus, SVCHOST is 20K plus, ashserv.exe 7K, and half a dozen at 4K plus. I am still waiting for MSCONFIG to run. Thanks

  VoG II 10:01 29 Dec 2006

You have two anti-virus programs running - Norton and Avast. You need to take one of them off and it will speed up again.

  danpep5552 10:09 29 Dec 2006

I downloaded Avast last night as I couldnt get Norton to run. I cant get into add and delete programmes to delete Norton. The probelm was there before I downloaded Avast. Add insult to injury i cant get avast to accept the code they gave me to run the thing. MSCONFIG still not responding.

  VoG II 10:14 29 Dec 2006

They are both running - ccApp.exe is Norton and ashserv.exe is Avast.

  danpep5552 10:16 29 Dec 2006

Got into MSCONFIG and unticked any Symantec boxes as i could find, its restarting now.

  Taff™ 10:22 29 Dec 2006

We need to get rid of Norton (Well spotted Vog™) try the Add/Remove Route first.

  I am Spartacus 10:23 29 Dec 2006

Norton Removal Tool click here

  danpep5552 10:27 29 Dec 2006

Things are moving faster now. I am actually in add and remove trying to get rid of Norton (which is taking ages). I bought NIS but couldnt use it on my PC as it stopped my fax from running, Norton will not now let me add top the laptop because I registered it to the PC. I am going to remove the micro keyboard as well and start that all again, my wife now says she had conflicts warning when she put it on! Thanks chaps

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