laptop getting hot and fans running louder

  redsusan 17:12 12 Oct 2013

Hi, I have a HP Pavilion g6 with windows 7 had it quite a while now and over the past few days its getting hot underneath and I can hear the fans running all the time . Can you tell me if I can fix it or does it have to go to repair Man. Thank you Susan

  alanrwood 18:04 12 Oct 2013

My wife had the same problem with a DV6. I opened it up and the cooling fins were blocked with dust. I cleaned that and reapplied the CPU heat sink compound and since then it has only gone as high as 60 degrees.

  wee eddie 18:32 12 Oct 2013

Cleaning can be as simple as you like. From a natural bristle paint brush and a hair dryer to cans of compressed air and a screwdriver.

Just remember. If you take it apart. Keep the screws in a saucer and take photos as you go.

  woodchip 20:23 12 Oct 2013

Do not blow air in it only makes it worse, the only correct way is strip it and clean the Heat Exchanger to the CPU Fluff on this will be like felt.

Things that do the above are Cig Smoke, Using Laptop on soft furnishings and Carpets

  alanrwood 10:38 13 Oct 2013

It is possible to clean the vents by sucking air out. Some brushes which suck can be used. Blowing is counter productive. This will only work if there is a slight blockage and from the sound of the original post there is a larger problem that would benefit from a strip down.

With regard to the case screws I would strongly suggest that because there are usually different lengths of screws used, it is sensible to draw a map of which screws go where.

I would also recommend that the OP installs Core Temperature (32 or 64 bit) so that an objective temperature measurement can be made before and after.

  onthelimit1 12:25 13 Oct 2013

Sorry to disagree, but I doubt that sucking will have any effect - the dust builds up on the fine matrix of the heatexchanger and becomes quite solid. strip down is the only sure way.

  wee eddie 14:32 13 Oct 2013

There are some people who rarely think about a problem in a logical manner.

Of course dust builds up on the outside of the Input vent, so you blow inwards, from the outside of the Output vent and use the bristle paint brush, I recommend 1/2" as the best size, to loosen any that sticks to the mesh screen.

The reason for natural bristles: They carry little, or no, static charge. Whereas most Man-Made Fibres can be horrendous that way

A vacuum cleaner can shift the dust, once it's loose, but without near physical contact with the mat of fibre will find it difficult to lift it.

I am happy that lots of people disagree with me. That is the way that new methods emerge.

  woodchip 15:54 13 Oct 2013

Brushes will not reach the heat exchanger fins where the fluff dust builds up

  onthelimit1 08:14 14 Oct 2013

Just done this on an Inspiron - great design - remove one panel on the base, then 5 screws and the entire heatsink unit can be removed. I wish other manufacturers made it so easy!

  finerty 00:16 17 Oct 2013

have look on youtube about cleaning the laptop

  finerty 16:04 22 Oct 2013

stil going red susan try this enter link description here

mines a green one been using for the last 7 years.

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