Laptop freezing using battery power

  GMBTLHSJT 17:59 29 Dec 2006


This is my first time asking a question so please forgive me if I have some difficulty explaining my problem.

I have a two-and-a half year old Iridium (which is now part of the Rock group) 17" widescreen laptop. It runs perfectly on mains power but when I use it on battery power, it freezes up completely after a very short time and the only way to turn it off is to press the power switch until it turns itself off. The battery is okay and appears to be holding it's charge. The dealer I bought it from is not being too helpful and it has been suggested that I should do a complete re-install. Before I take this big step, I wonder if anyone would have any ideas as to what the problem could be please or would I have to do a complete re-install and is a re-install an easy job for the average computer user?

Thanks very much for your help. Best wishes to you all.

  Jackcoms 18:17 29 Dec 2006

"it has been suggested that I should do a complete re-install"

Of what and why?

If you mean the Operating System, which otherwise "runs perfectly" as you say, IMHO that is a nonsense.

I would suggest, however, that if the battery is as old as the laptop (two-and-a-half years) then the battery is on its last legs.

  woodchip 19:03 29 Dec 2006

The volts should be marked on the battery on what it should deliver. It should exceed the Marked Volts on The battery by a Small amount 1 to 1½ volts

  woodchip 19:05 29 Dec 2006

Don't think the Battery is supplying the Amps

  Jackcoms 15:12 30 Dec 2006

From GMBTLHSJT by e-mail:

"Hello Jackcoms, Very many thanks for your help with about my laptop freezing when using battery power. You have saved me a lot of work as I will not now be needing to do a re-install of my operating system and will continue to run the laptop on mains power and purchase another battery if I decide that I need to use it on battery power. Once again, very many thanks for your help."

You're welcome for the help - that's what we're here for.

However, for the record, please note that it is not usually good Forum etiquette to contact individual members via the yellow envelope unless invited to do so.

  woodchip 13:56 31 Dec 2006

It,s OK for a Thank You, I got one just the same as yours

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