Laptop Freezes when moved

  User-A78FA197-1932-4493-8DF0E29629ED22CC 13:37 27 Feb 2011

I'we got a bit old Asus F3Jc laptop which still runs ver nice up until now.
Every time I move it or pick it up it freezes and ou can't do anything just to reboot.
It doesn't matter if its booting or in windows - if moved it's dead. Couple of times it just rebboted on it's own.
I'we tried to remove battery and run it like other forums suggested but no luck. I also tried to run all the disk chechking things, antivirus scans basicaly everything. But it looks like it's a hardware probelem.
I'we read that it could be hard disk or RAM loosened or something. I'we replaced RAM like a month ago but there were no problems until now. And laptop did fall on the ground from my bag a week ago or so but it would still work fine until now.
Doupt it's a cooling problem, because doesn't matter if its hot or cold it still behaves the same, and the fans are working from the moment I boot a laptop.
So is it a hard disk or RAM ? if it is, what should I do? or there is something else ?

Please help me with this one.

forgot 1 thing. As I was writing this, a pop-up popped and it said that one of the files is corrupted.... this must a be a countdown to my hard disk has just started ?
I think I'we noticed that I was promted to do a disk check almost every time I started up a laptop for some time now. If this is relative at all...

  ACOLYTE 14:03 27 Feb 2011

It may be that something has come lose or dislodged
by the fall,this can be easily checked for the ram and hdd,as there is just small covers that come off to check those,if its something more internal that can be more tricky to check,unless you know how to take the laptop case off.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:51 27 Feb 2011

REmove and refit the Hard drive to remake the connections

sfc /scannow
to check for corrupt files

thanks for the replies.
Checked ram, it was solid.
Checked hard drive, it was a bit loose, removed it and replaced it firmly so it would not move a bit. But I still have the same problem.
Runned sfc /scannow after it finished it just closed and thats it, is it normal ?

Hard drive would make some noise when shaken a bit, is that normal ? but it looked solid from the outside.

Also noticed when I apply preassure on the laptop case corner where hard disk is sitting it would freeze laptop. Or when it would not boot applied preassure from the other side would make it work.
The case is not solid plastic so it bends a bit when applied pressure. But when not applied preassure on that corner and laptop is shaken it would freeze anyway.

now what ? :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:54 27 Feb 2011

s it normal ? - Yes

certainly sounds like a bad connection to the drive or the drive failing.

  woodchip 21:16 27 Feb 2011

motherboard is flexing, you should not move a laptop when in use

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