laptop freezes when connected to mains

  mcdee01 11:25 23 May 2010

When i conect my acer laptop to the mains and run it off the mains the laptop will stop working completely and the only way to turn off is using the main on/off button. all help appriciated.

  PalaeoBill 00:47 24 May 2010

Does it work for any length of time when you plug in or does it freeze immediately?
Does the screen freeze or go blank?
Is anything being written to the event log that would suggest a duff driver (related to power management)?

I've heard of a couple of problems related to Toshiba laptops but not acer. One is to do with power management in that the processor runs faster on mains than it does on battery, the laptop overheats and freezes. This was a motherboard fault that was fixed under warranty. The other was loose mains connector that was flexing the motherboard and cause the LCD to switch to external monitor. Plugging a screen into the external XGA port it was found the laptop had not frozen after all.

  mcdee01 18:38 24 May 2010

Hi it works for a couple of mins and then freezes, the screen remains as it is but unable to do anything

  PalaeoBill 21:09 25 May 2010

If its running for a couple of minutes then I suspect that it is overheating. It could be a faulty fan, maybe the heat sink on the CPU needs attention or possibly the battery/charge circuit is having problems. If you still have warranty I would use it. If not, I think its probably a repair shop job but you may be able to isolate the cause and fix it youself.

Does the fan spin up? Can you hear it or see the blades spinning and is hot air being ejected? A new fan is a fairly simple job to replace an you can normally find instructions with pictures on the web.

Can you feel any hot spots forming on the case anywhere when the mains is plugged in? This will give you an idea of what component is getting hot. E.g. above the CPU.

If its not the fan it could be to do with the battery charge circuit. With the laptop powered up, it should be safe to remove the battery pack as soon as you plug in the mains. This eliminates the charge circuit. Does the laptop still freeze after a few minutes?

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