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Laptop freezes after 15/20 minutes

  algernonymous 21:12 24 Aug 2015

My Win7 laptop works fine for 15/20 mins then freezes. First I get 'Not responding' at the top of whatever program I am using, then if I click again the screen greys out. All I can do is hold down the on/off button to switch off, then start over again.

  wee eddie 21:55 24 Aug 2015

Just a long shot. Check that the airflow throughit is not rreduced

  algernonymous 10:13 25 Aug 2015

Thanks for reply. No, there is no airflow blockage.

  xania 10:20 25 Aug 2015

More likely to be your processor working overtime on something. Could be a virus so load in safe mode and run virus scan, malwarebytes scan etc.

You could also try and wait until the processor has a moment to process this and then see what's running.

Also check what is loading at start-up (msconfig) and see if anything can be stopped from running until you need it.

  algernonymous 22:41 30 Aug 2015

Well I ran Malwarebytes which found 5 PUPs to be removed but I couldn't run a virus scan as it freezes before completion. Also, a monitoring program I have reports that approx 35% of RAM is being used and the processor is running at around 140F. Is this OK?

  Govan1x 10:08 31 Aug 2015

That is 60c so not over the top.

Maybe give chkdsk a run tick both boxes so that it will repair what it finds. Might take a while for that to finish.

Anything using up your CPU in Taskmanager that should not be there.Maybe give C Cleaner a run to get rid of any junk.

Thinking maybe your hard drive on the way out. Have a look in Event viewer to see if any crucial problems showing on there.

  xania 11:19 01 Sep 2015

Just a thought - these symptoms are identical to problems I get occasionally on a particularly large spreadsheet in Excel. I find that it clears itself after about 5 minutes and I can carry on working. It only affects the one window and other open windows work fine.

How long do you leave the PC after the problem occurs?

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