Laptop freezes

  Jackcoms 21:17 16 May 2005

I've recently bought a new Dell Inspiron laptop with XP SP2.

I've noticed that when running on mains and when bringing it out of hibernation, it freezes. No mouse/touchpad, can't run Task Manager - nothing.

The only solution is to disconnect from the mains. However, that doesn't solve the problem as it then switches to battery power but all services remain frozen.

I then have to briefly remove the battery to switch off all power.

Any thoughts, please?

  Michendi 21:31 16 May 2005

This exact same problem has been an issue for at least 5 years - since W2K - on several models of Dell laptops. I have personally experienced the problem and know of at least 15 other very technical consultants who have had the same issue.

Unfortunately the solution we came up with was not a very friendly one - as you may guess it required a reinstall. However, after the reinstall the problem did not reoccur.

My personal view is that there is some process that forms part of a standard Dell initial install that causes this problem on the occasional laptop.

  Brian-336451 21:56 16 May 2005

You can re-install Win XP over the existing installation.

You don't lose any settings or files but it does sort out any corrupted files and this may give you the fix you obviously need.

I don't know about Dells but my AJP and my wife's Fujitsu Siemens 'Recovery' CDs are actually full copies of XP (Pro).

  Jackcoms 06:51 17 May 2005

"You can re-install Win XP over the existing installation."

Can you briefly explain how, please. Ideally in words of one syllable!! :-)

  Brian-336451 12:48 17 May 2005

Firstly you need to look at the Recovery CD.

Put it in the drive and close the tray, if it boots up and asks if you want to install Windows XP, then it's probably the full program (personally I just look at the contents in Explorer).

You then choose the Upgrade option (even though it won't actually be an upgrade).

Do NOT let the installation program format the partition (usually C:) that you are installing onto - this is CRITICAL otherwise you WILL lose everything on that partition. If you aren't a fiddler like most of us, that'll be all your data and programs alike - mine are all on separate partitions.

Allow the program to install "over the top" of the existing installation. Doing this will replace the non-critical files that the System File Checker (SFC) doesn't touch.

This solution is one that I use as a last resort having tried all the proprietary solutions, latest drivers, manufacturers help line, Windows Upgrades etc.

Have you yet tried SFC?

Start>Run... then type SFC /scannow (notice there is a space before the backslash.

Windows may ask for the installation disk (which might well be the Recovery CD - you'll have to look) and it will replace any critical files with good copies. Yes it checks the updated files downloaded from Microsoft since installation.

Try SFC first.

Personally I don't let my computer Hibernate, I just allow Standby but that's very much a personal thing, Hibernate is probably better for the planet as it is more energy efficient.

  woodchip 13:53 17 May 2005

I get a problem with Internet after I use Hibernation I can access the sites that was open when Restart it, but cannot access any other's I have to Reboot, I do not have my Battery in. It's in the Fridge in a plastic bag new ones for
my laptop cost £165, so it's still new. I have Inverter for if I want to take on holiday or in Car

  Jackcoms 16:56 17 May 2005

I have now run SFC and it came up clean.

I also had a chat with Dell Tech Support (I only bought the lappie 3 weeks ago, so it seemed the obvious thing to do).

They are aware of the problem, but tell me that it is a quirk of laptops/XP - not my lappie, not Dell lappies but laptops in general, irrespective of who's make they are.

They suggested that I disable Hibernation and use standby instead.

The solution, apparently, lies with MS. XP SP2 gave them the opportunity to solve the problem but they chose not to do anything about it. They (MS) are aware of the issue.

I therefore intend to disable Hibernation and use standby instead - unless anybody suggests otherwise!

  Brian-336451 10:38 18 May 2005

In view of this thread, I thought I'd give Hibernation a go(again).

Whilst I've only done it twice, it 'woke up' exactly where it was when I left off (yes I know it's supposed to). It re-established the wireless connection in less time than the normal reboot as well.

It works on this machine as advertised. Guess I'm just lucky, I stopped using Hibernation on my (now defunct) Desktop machine because I had problems - sound familiar.

Glad SFC came up clean and the advice about using Standby rather than Hibernate has been echoed by Dell. I must admit I had heard that more than one make of laptops had this problem but it seems to vary from machine to machine (even the same type and manufacturer). Beats me.

Take care

  woodchip 14:34 18 May 2005

It's OK for me it's just when I use it I have to restart My browser, or it cannot find any other pages than what are already open

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