Laptop with firewire

  Newuser939 19:07 29 Feb 2012

I have a five year old HP laptop which has been fine. However, as some programs become more complex it is getting to be a bit slow and the time might have come to invest in a newer model. The problem is that my camcorder, which does not need replacing, connects to my laptop by firewire. When I look at what is available, there seem to be almost no laptops with firewire ports. Does anyone know of a range of laptops (preferably 17" screen size) or, possibly all-in-ones up to 21" screen size which have a firewire port, or at least the facility to take an express card so that one could be added?

  karmgord 20:24 29 Feb 2012

Why not buy a "normal" laptop and a firewire express card?

  Newuser939 08:49 01 Mar 2012


As I mentioned in my original post, that would certainly be a possibility, but I am not sure that many modern laptops even have the ability to take an express card.

  robin_x 11:20 01 Mar 2012

You can get a USB2.0 Express Card adapter (Item 10 here).

Dunno what speed you would get through. Maybe a USB3.0 solution is available or coming soon?

Or Item 1. Does just that cable work?

  Ian in Northampton 13:26 01 Mar 2012

Would this


  Newuser939 13:49 01 Mar 2012

Thank you for the replies. However, judging from the reviews on the Amazon site, such adaptors do not seem to work with camcorders, which is the main point in my case.

  chub_tor 15:39 01 Mar 2012

This Sony has firewire and there may be more in the range but I did not check them all.

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