Laptop Ferrari damaged drive data retrival

  loquito 16:13 22 Mar 2006


There is high probability that the hard drive of my laptop has gone (1 year and a half). It produces clicking sounds when it is switched on, and then comes a black screen and an intermitent cursor light that goes on blinking forever.

I have more than 500 photos (Machupicho, Peru)in this drive and I wonder if there is a way to recover these photos before Acer (UK)put a new hard drive in it. Should I take the laptop to these houses that advertise data retrival? Do they have means (tools and software) to retrieve these photos?

Any suggesttion will be much appreciated.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:27 22 Mar 2006

Data retrieval costs from £1500. If you cannot boot then you are in trouble and I assume that you did not have a backup DVD/CD/memory stick? There are data recovery programmes that are freebies but as the drive will not boot you are in a bit of trouble.

....however, if you download Unbuntu from click here you will be able to boot with the CD. It is a large d/l and I'm sure that myself or someone else could send you a CD. It is a self contained Linux OS and if possible, you should be able to see the C drive assuming that it is not too badly knackered. Borrow a memory stick and transfer the photos to it.

You could also borrow Barts' PE which will also remotely boot the computer but using XP. Report back with what you decide. I also have a few 'specially made' programmes that will boot from a CD and will alow recovery from a drive if it is not too badly done in .


  loquito 19:20 22 Mar 2006


Many thanks for the information.

Some extra data from my laptop:

80GB HD, HD partitioned in 2 drives "C" and drive "D". The photos are in drive "D". The laptop´s BIOS still works. It asked me to enter key F2.

About the CD )Linux O/S) you may send me one, and I wonder how can I do this? how much will it cost? How do I pay? Will you post the CD to me?

I will appreciate it you may give some extra information. What is the probability that this may help me to recover these photos?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:52 22 Mar 2006

Operating system?
NTFS or FAT32?
If your lucky its just a bad boot sector and can be repaired.
Download a boot disk fro click here

If fat32 windows 9x sytem the downlaod the boot disk and at the A:prompt run scandisk

If XP rest the BIOS to boot from the CD first boot with XP cd in drive and got to recovery consulUsing Recovery Consul
click here
click here
and run chkdsk also fixbbot and fixmbr

  loquito 20:22 22 Mar 2006

Fruit Bat:

The Ferrari came with 4 CD (Recovery +). I do not have a XP CD standalone. I think the O/S is somewhere in those CDs. I rest the BIOS to be boot by CD and entered the accompany CD # 1 (recover). Nothing happen. How can I find out in which of these CD is the O/S Windows XP?

The O/S is Windows XP with SP2. The files I think are FAT32 although the O/S is XP.

When the laptop is swiched on first time appeared the Ferrari logo for a while and then usually passed to the XP O/S. Now only appeared a black screen and the flicking cursor light.

Is it not a HD problem?

I will try the downloaded boot disk


  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:18 22 Mar 2006

If you still have problems email me your addy using the envelope by my name and I'll send you a copy of Unbuntu on CD free of charge, although I would appreciate it if you would buy a copy of the Big Issue at some time after receiving the CD. Try Fruit Bat /\0/\s' suggestions first though.


  loquito 01:00 23 Mar 2006


I am still in Peru at the moment. I will in the UK in a couple of days and then I will keep you informed.

Thanks for all the information.


  loquito 23:47 27 Mar 2006

Fruit Bat & GANDALF:

I prepared the floopy with the boot information from the Web. I wanted to change the boot drive (Ferrari) to drive "A" but at this time after I swiched on the Ferrari I was unable to enter the BIOS at all. These are the messages:

1. Ferrari logo screen
2. After a while with some hissing noise and clicking I had the following messages:

a. PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
b. PXE-MOF: Existing Broadcom PXE ROM operating
system not found.

3. After a while the Windows XP appeared with the cursor running. This was about 15 minutes,
4. Apeared again the message in item (2).
5. At this time there were not hissing noises.
5. I swiched off the Ferrari.


  DieSse 01:37 28 Mar 2006

You can get an external caddy, or an internal drive adapter, to run your drive as a slave on a different system. You then need a friendly person with a desktop system that you can attach your drive to. Assuming that you can get at anything on your drive (in which case the only option is probably a data recovery service) - then you can copy of whatever is *get-atable*.

If the drive is physically faulty, then data recovery services usually dismantle the drive, and read the platters on a special machine. They are expensive, but most of them do operate on a *no-fix - no-fee* system.

  DieSse 01:40 28 Mar 2006

*in which case the only option is probably a data recovery service*

should read *if you can't the only option is probably a data recovery service*

sorry - though you hopefully would have realised what I meant to say.

  loquito 14:08 28 Mar 2006



I wonder if I am able to attach the HD from my laptop (out of warranty)to my HD box in my desktop. Perhaps the HDs (laptop and desktop) need to be compatibles in order to operate.

Acer (UK) technical support is time consuming to get connected. Perhaps I should give up the data recovery and replace the Harddisk of whatever, however I cannot even do this with Acer (UK) because I cannot get connected. My emails to Acer haven't been replied. So I am stuck.


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