Laptop fan continually runs.

  Daibus 11:17 03 Jun 2006

Is it possible to adjust the setting of the running of the fan on my laptop.

It runs almost continually even though the temperature stays around the 50 degree mark.I spoke to Asus and they said it could be adjusted manually but could not give me the exact details.

I know the fan has to run but if it could just be adjusted slightly it could make for a quieter time while browsing etc.

Many thanks.

  wee eddie 11:32 03 Jun 2006

It is running because it is at 50'

The solution is to make it cooler. Make sure that the vents are not blocked or impeded in any way. Clean out the mesh fan guard. Using a source of dry air, try to blast the internals clear of dust.

That should get you part of the way there.

  Daibus 11:49 03 Jun 2006

Thank you for your reply.

The laptop is brand new so it should be relatively dust free inside. The air vents are completely clear.

Just now the temperature of the CPU is 51 degrees - fan continually running and the air being expelled is quite cool as well.

  Daibus 12:21 03 Jun 2006

Just another point - when checking with the Probe I see that the CPU runs at 100% all the time even when the computer is just idleing?

Is this correct?

  wee eddie 15:58 03 Jun 2006

When in use, is it?

1. Sitting on your lap,

2. Sitting on a table top.

  gudgulf 16:11 03 Jun 2006

Open Task Manager by rt clicking the taskbar and selecting task manager from the menu.

In the Processes tab look to see what is using all the cpu back if it is anything other than System Idle Process.

  Daibus 10:18 04 Jun 2006

Thanks guys for your replies.

I use the laptop on a table as well as occaisionaly on my lap as well but the computer seems to run in a similar way in the two situations.

I checked the Task Manager and the only item that is listed is Asus Live Update but it does not seem to be taking up a lot of resources.

Maybe I should delete this programme?

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