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  Anti_Virus 11:34 25 Jun 2007

Hi, I have a dell laptop, and have a query about it. It's 4 months old, and since having it, I seem to remember always hearing the laptop fan going in the background. However, recetly, my memories have been questioned. There have been a couple of times recently when the laptop went comletely silent, so quiet I realised it, I was so used to the noise. It's hapened several times. The fan does come on after no more than 5 minutes, and when it does, it makes the same sort of noises as hen I first tun the computer on. So is the fan meant to be doing this. Like I said, I never could rememer it oing it before. Wen the fan goes off I'm still able to use the laptop, but if it isn't meant to be going off (hence could be damaging the motherboard and processor) it's still within warranty to get fixed. Is it meant to go off?

  ambra4 12:11 25 Jun 2007

We have 6 dell laptop in office fan should be running at all time GET IT CHECK BEFORE YOU FRY THE CPU

  Technotiger 12:49 25 Jun 2007

I would take it back while still under warranty, it definitely needs sorting.

  Technotiger 12:51 25 Jun 2007

PS - I understand Dell are usually pretty good with warranty matters.

  Anti_Virus 14:52 25 Jun 2007

Hi, thanks both of you. I did as both of you said, and got onto Dell technical support on their website. After submitting the problem, I was sent an automated email, which interprets your problem and sends relevant help info (if none of what they send helps, then you email them back and get in touch with a human being). Well, in the automated email, I was given this:

3. The Cooling Fan Does Not Work

It is normal for a notebook computer's cooling fan to turn on and off or even to remain off. The BIOS cycles the fan on and off to conserve battery life by cooling the notebook only when it needs to be cooled according to the notebooks internal thermal tables.

Thermal table values differ from model to model. They adjust to AC adapter or battery operation and power management settings. For best results with the fan, have power management disabled and run the computer on AC power when you can. This may not make the fan turn on, but provides the most favorable table values for it to do so.

If your fan is not working at all it is probably because your notebook is running cool enough to keep the processor and internal components safe from heat damage. You should rarely if ever hear the fans operate during normal operation (home or office, moderately cooled, standard 8-hour day).

Well, I guess that answers my question. However, I did find it strange that it didn't used cut off. What do you think? Pursue, or drop it?

  ambra4 15:13 25 Jun 2007

No harm in getting it checked

Have seem dell laptop where the fan failed, system shutdown (In a Air Condition Room)and was replaced on site by dell tech in 2 hour

  Belatucadrus 16:11 25 Jun 2007

The fan on my Inspiron only comes on after a while when things heat up, usually it's silent. Been running that way for two years now with no signs of any problem.
What processor has it got as the more powerful ones have more heat to dissipate ?

  Technotiger 17:12 25 Jun 2007

Hmm, I would think anyway, that if your laptop was actually overheating, there would be other more serious symptoms of something being wrong. If everything else is ok, then I would tend to believe DELL in this instance.

  Quiet Life 22:53 25 Jun 2007

If worried about temperature of system and CPU you should download Speedfan from this site click here
It does not show the fanspeed on my Acer laptop but gives temperature for the system ,CPU and hardrive. When running the system temperature shows on the task bar and holding the mouse over that it shows up the other temperatures.

  skidzy 23:09 25 Jun 2007

I was about to write my bit then re-read Belatucadrus post.
My Dell Inspiron 6400 works exactly the same way as Belatucadrus,the fan just works when needed.

And this is now 15 months old and works brilliantly.

  keef66 11:46 26 Jun 2007

We have Dell latitude D600's at work. I very rarely hear the fan come on, but when it does, I can feel the warm air it's blowing out at the back.

It sounds like yours is working properly. If the fan was running all the time, your battery life would be reduced

It's possible that it used to run more often as the thermal compound between the cpu and heatsink was bedding in and becoming more efficient

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