Laptop fan

  loopyloo 05:42 02 Jun 2006

I have a Acer laptop and I'm sure that the fan isn't working propperly. I can have the laptop on for over an hour or more and the fan doesn' seem to cut in. The botton of the laptop is hot. Is there any way I can check if it is working.

  €dstowe 06:53 02 Jun 2006

You machine would shut itself down if there was a danger of it overheating.

My secretary acquired burns on her legs some time ago by using her laptop on her lap (as you would expect) on the train on her way to work - so they mormally do get quite hot!

  €dstowe 06:53 02 Jun 2006

mormally?? = normally, sorry.

  bosmere 08:19 02 Jun 2006

loopyloo I agree with €dstowe about it shutting down.

I have an Acer laptop which also gets hot underneath. Does yours pump hot air out of the side vent? If so, the fan will be working.

  wee eddie 08:57 02 Jun 2006

Get one of those cans of "Air". > Clean the Outside of the ducts with a Paint brush > Give the system a couple of blasts to clear the internals.

  loopyloo 15:28 02 Jun 2006

Glad to hear that its normal to get hot underneath. This is the first time I've had a laptop. I used to here the fan cutting in but I can't seem to hear it. There is a slight busszing noise thats all. The fan is set to enable at all time but when I switch it off it stays the same.

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