Laptop + external keyboard

  kwil2 05:46 15 Feb 2004

Hi...I'm running Windows Me on a Sony Vaio laptop.I connected a standard PS2 keyboard to a USB adaptor bought from Maplins. The Sony recognised new hardware and loaded the appropriate Windows driver. A check on Device Manager verified all was well. There was no software with the keyboard.
However, when I tried typing on the keyboard, nothing happened. I tried three other keyboards, but with the same result.
Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  dogtrack 06:44 15 Feb 2004

I use a laptop with an external keyboard and mouse. Both are PS2 connected, using a PS2 Y connection adapter. Have used this configuration on laptops for around 5 years now. Have never had a problem to date and there has never been a need to install any software. The Y adapter can be bought at Maplins.

  kwil2 07:24 15 Feb 2004

Dogtrack...thanks for the response, but unfortunately the Sony has only USB connections..I use a USB mouse with no problem...

  dogtrack 07:33 15 Feb 2004

did the box state that the keyboard was dual connection, USB and PS2 compatible. Maybe worth trying a dedicated USB keyboard or even a wireless version if funds will run to it.

  dogtrack 07:37 15 Feb 2004

Might be worth a look in the BIOS, just check you dont need to switch between the built in board and the external.

  LeadingMNMs 09:10 15 Feb 2004

Do the lights on the keyboard come on when its plugged in ? I recently used a PS-2 keyboard on my Sony laptop via USB device and it worked fine.

  kwil2 03:24 16 Feb 2004

Thanks for the above suggestions but: keyboard was PS2 only. That's why I needed a USB adaptor. Re: lights coming on - on startup sometimes yes, sometimes no. Either way, Num Lock doesn't stay on as in other keyboards.
This would seem to indicate power is being switched off somewhere. However,can't see anything in the Bios regarding a need to switch from Sony keyboard to external. I would suppose access to the Sony should be kept as default, if you for example decided to move off the external keyboard.
FOR 'LeadingLEADING MNMs': which USB device/adaptor did you use on your Sony? Which model is your Sony?
Any other ideas folks would be appreciated. I've searched the Sony documentation and adding an external keyboard appears to be straightforward.

  LeadingMNMs 08:47 16 Feb 2004

I used a device like this click here , using only one of the PS2 connectors. My laptop is an PCG-FX205K. Like you I just plugged in the adapter, Windows recognised it and installed the drivers. I then plugged in the keyboard and it worked immediately.

I would try uninstalling the device and then rebooting and letting Windows reinstall the driver, or you could try to find a newer one. If the keyboard sometimes recieve power then it would indicate to me that either theres a loose connection somewhere or that the USB device is not working properly. I had to change no BIOS or other settings to get mine to work.

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