laptop dvd not seen

  Teddington 18:49 21 Jan 2006

i am running win xp

I have just changed my laptop internal dvd/cd drive as the old one was mechanically broken. however now the new one can not be seen either in my computer or devise manager or even if i press f2 during boot up. it just say cd - none.

if i put a cd in the drive the led lights up and the disc spins but it will not open.

please help me.....

  madPentium 19:52 21 Jan 2006

is the ribbon cable on correctly and the right way round? sounds like it isnt connected properly.

  Teddington 22:28 21 Jan 2006

as its a laptop, all i have done is push it in place, did i need to do something else??

  madPentium 22:31 21 Jan 2006

if it doesnt detect it, it would seem the connection isnt made. Have you tried to clean the contacts and try it again?

  Teddington 23:18 22 Jan 2006

cleaned and re-seted the drive. is that the only thing it could be? if so does it mean that the connections have failed and i am stuck.

  keja 01:39 23 Jan 2006

Is your laptop a Toshiba, by any chance?
I've read they have odd settings for optical drives, but don't know the details.

  Teddington 11:23 23 Jan 2006

its a toshiba dvd/cd rom but its a Hi-Grade laptop.

  keja 13:54 23 Jan 2006

Don't know if this helps at all:

click here

click here

click here

Nothing to say what settings your Hi-grade might need...

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