laptop doing funny things

  pavvi 23:31 31 Oct 2005

i have a dell inspiron 6000 laptop and just tonight it is deciding to misbehave. While on line it has started to do square brackets like this [ but the other way around and won't do certain letters in capitals at all. when reset windows, it beeps for a while before loading, it is start]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] ing to get quite annoying like that little episode then....what do you guys think it may be. The laptop is about 3 months old....

  Splork 23:44 31 Oct 2005

Are you sure it's only when online? Have you left it for a while, with Notepad open and active to see if it generates the brackets ?

  pavvi 08:31 01 Nov 2005

notepad too not str]aight away but aft]er a little while when i restart t]here is beeping in time with the hard disk movement. Could it be a problem with the hard disk?

  pavvi 00:06 03 Nov 2005

i did a disk check and set it to auto fix and everything was fine until this evening when originally it was putting in an sqaure bracket after every y i put in now it won't let me put in capital i's and back space seems to start the whole process ]]]]]]]off ]]]]] that...any ideas guys? i did get 3 short beeps while re]start]]]]]]]]]]]ing a few times before and have read on other posts that that could have something to do with the memory modules, but does any]o]ne have] any]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] idea w]hat is causing the constant] square brakcets it's starting really p* me off now... Thanks all

  woodchip 00:11 03 Nov 2005

Faulty Memory, Take it back or get them to fix it

  pavvi 00:14 03 Nov 2005

and there were several beeps followed by a very brief pause followed by several more... won't be impressedif the motherboard is a goner after only 3 months!!!

  pavvi 00:17 03 Nov 2005

about 14 beeps small pause then 6 more then everything loaded

  pavvi 08:00 03 Nov 2005

It will behave for a while, and computer is working fine at everything else it's just when typing that the fault rears it's ugly head

  keef66 16:12 03 Nov 2005

we got Dell 600's at work. several including mine had weird behaviour with repeating characters and very erratic drag and drop behaviour. some were sorted by switching the touchpad control to stick only and disabling the tapping function. I found updated drivers for the touch pad on Dell's website but it didn't make any difference. I.T. support kept replacing keyboards and mice, (I use it in a docking station most of the time) but it still misbehaved even when using the laptop keyboard.
We have also had a disproportionate number of hard drive failures since switching to Dell, but I.T. are baffled because they are not all the same make or model. ???

  pavvi 22:56 03 Nov 2005

was a solution found? and does anybody know why I'm getting 14 beeps on restart when it's happening?

  woodchip 22:58 03 Nov 2005

Try disabling Touch pad in Device Manager. and use a Mouse

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