Laptop doesn't seem to be brand new

  lexiwest 05:00 12 Jun 2015

Hi I recently purchased a laptop and I'm not sure if its brand new as it is supposed to be :/ It's a Lenovo Yoga 3 laptop and it came preinstalled with McAfee and the warranty was apparently registered on the manufactured date 15/5 (according to the guy at the store). Is this possible for a new laptop? I've also checked the laptop logs which said that my laptop was logged on on 15/5. If it's a brand new laptop, should the first log on date be the day I first logged on (which is in June and not May)? I've also checked the programs installation and some programs were installed on 15/5. If it is brand new, should the date be in June when I first powered on instead?

  Ian in Northampton 08:42 12 Jun 2015

I would have said that what you're seeing is entirely normal. The laptop would, of course, as the guy said, have had to be set up some time before you bought it. You have no reason to be concerned that it is not new.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:46 12 Jun 2015

Lexi, did you pay for and leave the store with your laptop on the same visit, or did you pay for it and left it with them to set it up? If it's the latter then that would account for your discoveries.

If it's the former then was the box sealed with the Lenovo security tape? If it wasn't then that may not be significant as some stores open the boxes to insert a security device. Also, when you switched it on for the first time did you have to go through the initial Windows setup where you chose your language, accepted the licence agreements, chose a computer name and setup a user account?

  lexiwest 13:15 12 Jun 2015

I paid and left the store on the same visit. I'm not sure if there was the security tape :/ I think I had to set it up but I'm not sure either as the guy at the store did it for me. Will programs be installed on the laptop prior to me first starting up the laptop?

  wee eddie 13:33 12 Jun 2015

Aye, most Companies bundle a load of useless stuff. They get commission from the Software people.

Check out news and the Forums here. There's some stuff that you really need to get rid of as Lenovo have been bundling Spyware with their new Lappies

  bumpkin 14:18 12 Jun 2015

Probable fine but it may be a return. I would phone the store and get their explanation if it is concerning you.

  Ian in Northampton 15:05 12 Jun 2015

It was set up/installed less than a month before purchase. I don't find that at all strange. I'd be much more worried if it had been set up several months ago. At best, that would mean the installation was probably out of date and, at worst, yes, someone has owned it before. I'm really struggling to understand why this is a big deal. If it was manufactured and set up by Lenovo, I can well imagine it would take a month to reach a local store in the UK, given that I doubt it was airfreighted.

But perhaps I'm missing something?

  bumpkin 15:14 12 Jun 2015

It was set up/installed less than a month before purchase.

Sounds right to me.

  Bris 16:08 12 Jun 2015

It makes sense for technicians to load the junk when it suits them rather than doing it while you wait.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:16 12 Jun 2015

But perhaps I'm missing something?

I think you may be Ian. A brand new computer from a big-name company like HP, Toshiba, or Lenovo should have no evidence of user logons or extra program installations. Lenovo don't set up individual computers - they apply the same disk image (containing the OS, pre-installed software, drivers, etc) to tens of thousands of hard drives. They then seal the box and dispatch it retailers. The end user sets it up when it's turned on for the first time, and by that then, it could be many months (or even a year) since the hard drive was imaged. I setup a new Lenovo last Monday and it needed 132 Windows updates. That didn't alarm me as it's normal for a big-brand PC like that to be "out of date".

If I remember correctly, you buy your computers from small eBay retailers. If so then they may work very differently and there maybe a chap who logs into the each PC and installs stuff before it's shipped to customers. Is that perhaps what you're thinking of?

I'm also concerned that the Lenovo warranty was registered on May 15 when it should have been done by Lexi after he'd bought it - not four weeks before.

Lexi, as you may have guessed I'm a tad suspicious by what you've said so far. If you believed you were buying a brand new computer and not an ex-demo or used one then I recommend you take it back to the shop and show the manager your evidence. If you're not happy with the explanation then ask for a new one in a box with the Lenovo security seal intact. There's no need to get them to set it up as you can do it yourself easily and quickly.

If you'd like to persue this further on this thread then let me know exacltly where you saw those user logons recorded and let me know the names of the programs that were installed on May 15. Lenovo pre-install McAfee so you shouldn't worry about that.

  Ian in Northampton 18:26 12 Jun 2015

S-S: what interests me is what the OP means by 'log on'. And: which programs were installed on 15/5? If those were part of the manufacturer build, that wouldn't surprise me - but if they wouldn't usually come as part of the config - well, yes, something squirly may be going on. Perhaps the OP can clarify?

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