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Laptop doesn't recognize SSD drive

  dangerus1 09:40 20 Feb 2017

I have a Packard Bell NoteBook the HDD of which I'm trying to replace the old 120GB HDD with a 60GB SSD, this was formatted and I'm trying to install Win7 via a USB. The problem is when I get to the stage where I'm asked where I would like to install it nothing shows, just clear no options at all. The message I get is "there might be something wrong with a recent hardware installation" I have checked the fitting and it is Ok. I have tried putting it back in it's caddy where it was recognized using another PC, I loaded a few music files on it and it was OK, accepted and played. Reinstall in the Packard and same thing happened. Sorry to be so long winded but I'm completely flummoxed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:20 20 Feb 2017

Win 7 disk (USB) not having stat drivers?

Try going into BIOS and setting to AHCI and get the Machine can see the drive.

  dangerus1 11:03 20 Feb 2017

Thanks for the reply Fruitbat (I don't know how to do the inverts) Where do I find AHCI in BIOS I can't see it

  OzzyLogic 11:36 20 Feb 2017


This is mostly located under an option called "Sata Configuration" or "Storage Configuration". It probably is currently set to IDE, so change that to AHCI and see if it works.

PS, If you change it to something else, your current OS on your hdd will not boot anymore till you change that option back to what it used to be.

Greetings, Ozzy from LogicSupply

  dangerus1 18:46 20 Feb 2017

Ozzy I tried to find that with no luck, I saw where the Drive was set to IDE but no options to change it as far as I could see. The Bios is America ...Trends. I forgot the start of trends old age/no memory. The Packard Bell is pretty old.

  wee eddie 18:49 20 Feb 2017

Any Lappy with a 120GB Hard Drive is likely to be very old. I am no Techie but I'd say that the MOBO was unable to handle the Drive

  dangerus1 19:38 20 Feb 2017

Wee Eddie, it's an old one that I mess around with trying to pick a bit of knowledge up. I've just bought a new one and I can't mess with that as it would invalidate the guarantee. I,ve put the old drive back in and will use the SSD in a caddy as backup Photos Music etc.Thanks all for the comments.

  dangerus1 19:45 20 Feb 2017

Further to what Wee Eddie said about The MOBO being unable to cope, I tried doubling the Memory from 2GB to 4GB but it only recognizes 3GB.It works OK so I'll keep it Packard Bell Easynote. Do Packard Bell still manufacture or have they sold off that part of the business? Don't seem to here much about them.

  wee eddie 21:35 20 Feb 2017

What OS was it running when it was new?

  dangerus1 18:28 22 Feb 2017

wee eddie the label on the P/B Easynote says Windows Vista. I have been messing around in the Bios and I finally got it to see the SSD in "Boot" Hard Drives along with Kingsman Data Traveller USB which I set to first Bootable Device. This seemed to work and seemed to be installing Windows when it said "shut down in 10 seconds" when it started again it was showing America Megatrends page press F2 which took me to the Bios again. No matter what I do I can't get past this point. I've put the old HDD back in and that is working OK. I only wanted to put the SSD in as I've been told they are quieter/cooler/faster.

  Bris 20:19 22 Feb 2017

The 4GB memory addressable limit refers to either the CPU and/or the OS being 32 bit. I guess that the OS (Vista?) on your HDD is 32 bit.

AHCI or IDE is a bit of a red herring as you dont need AHCI for your SSD, IDE is OK. If you do happen to stumble upon AHCI in your BIOS and choose that then be aware that you need to take the AHCI option when you install W7, you cant switch to AHCI afterwards without some registry tweaks which are best avoided. If you do it wont boot.

I think your problem here is that there are no W7 drivers available for your laptop.

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