Laptop doesnt recognise external hard drive

  lindy 18:07 22 Oct 2005


Can anyone help me. I have a Mesh Laptop runing Windows XP and bought a Gericom external hard drive earlier in the year. This has 2 firewire ports and 1 usb 2 port. At the time of purchase I attached it to my laptop and it worked fine.

However since then, I've moved house and the external hard drive sat in a cupboard until today when I tried to backup details on my laptop. I've gtried the firewire cable in both ports and also the usb cable in the usb at the front and the rear of my laptop - but I can't see the drive anywhere. Can anyone help me?

  Diemmess 18:12 22 Oct 2005

Since some time has elapsed are you sure your USB drive hasn't just changed its drive letter?

  lindy 18:44 22 Oct 2005

No the USB hasn't just changed it's drive letter, I've checked everything I can think of ie device manager [no external hard drive or storage drive], My computer [checked everything from destop down] but all suggestions are welcome.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:51 22 Oct 2005

Is the drive powered from an external adaptor?

  lindy 19:25 22 Oct 2005

Yes, it has it's own powersource and the power is going to it ok.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:25 22 Oct 2005

Check for any yellow exclamation marks in device manager.

Also try control panel - admin tools computer management - storage - disk management

does it show up in there?

  lindy 11:49 23 Oct 2005

Hi Fruit Bat

Unfortunately, no messages anywhere, no yellow exclamations etc - there is no sign of it attached to the computer. I had a problem once before with a flash drive, that when I attached it to the usb - 9 times out of 10 it wouldn't see it - but the 10th time I was lucky - I stopped using that flash drive, but this is different as it's just not the usb that isn't seeing the hard drive, it's also the IEEE1394. There must be something simple - but I'ts got be something simple, I just don't know what.

Any other help would be greatly appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:01 23 Oct 2005

click here

last 2 posts

Still think you need to look in Disk Management (type DISKMGMT.MSC in the run box). Disk Management is well hidden. The easiest way to get to it and other consoles is to right-click My Computer and select "Manage".

Here, you can import a drive, partition, format and reletter it.
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  lindy 12:29 23 Oct 2005

Went into disk management and looked under Storage, removeable storage and media and it only comes up with my flash drive - not the external hard drive. Checked everything under storage and it shows my 'c' drive and the flash drive and the two DVD/CD drives which have nothing in them at the moment - still doesn't show the external drive attached to the firewire - is there anyway that I can check what's attached to the firewire?

  CLONNEN 13:43 23 Oct 2005

I have a external USB drive which is the old 1.1 speed. For some reason when I plug it into the USB port on XP and switch it on, it doesn't appear in the My Computer list of available drives UNTIL I select Start - LogOff and then immediately re-login.

It's icon then appears in the system tray with all the other startup icons AND it appears in My Computer as an available drive. Try it and see if it works for you.

  wee eddie 14:29 23 Oct 2005

That, at least, will insure that we are looking at the right place for a fault

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