Laptop display - would suit fabric designer

  Diemmess 16:44 29 Dec 2012

A friend of a friend of family, has an Advent laptop which display shows only vertical lines of varying colours which intensify and turn blueblack after a minute or two.

He would like to know the probable cost of any parts to repair it and is at its last chance stage at present.

I connected my own monitor with a VGA lead and the scene is transformed; perfectly normal and now behaving as it should.

So clearly the fault is strictly with the last stage, the screen. Guessing and using long words.... this seems to be some lack of synchronisation in the laptop's display? What sort of job would it be to get it working again?

  Ian in Northampton 17:31 29 Dec 2012

Hard to say... From your description, it could be as trivial as a faulty connection between the laptop and its display - perhaps as simple as reseating a connector - or it could be a faulty display. Given that a PC repair place will probably have a minimum charge of somewhere north of £30, I'd say you were looking at anywhere between that to re-fit the connector and £200 to replace the display if that turns out to be the problem. There's only one way to be really sure, and that's to get it checked out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:18 29 Dec 2012
  1. Usually bad connection between motherboard and screen cable broken or loose in connectors.

  2. possibly bad graphics driver - try in safemode (or does this happen as soon as machine turned on not just when windows booted

  3. graphics chip faulty - try connecting to external monitor /TV if still same on external monitor then its looking bad.

  woodchip 20:10 29 Dec 2012

It sounds like its a LED screen, newish Laptop. Is it still covered by Warranty? it will not be cheap to replace it

  Diemmess 10:06 30 Dec 2012


Advent 7104 Laptop Model number EAA-88 - Display shows only fine multicoloured vertical lines which darken after a minute or so as the Laptop warms up.

When connected to an external monitor all is OK normal.

If as Fruit Bat /\0/\ and Ian in Northampton suggest, this is a poor connection (broken or loose) I need to get inside.

Can someone offer a link which says which screws to remove, and equally important which to leave untouched? No intention of replacing major parts, just trying to find anything obvious.

I've searched far and wide with memories of seeing something helpful somewhere but of course can't find it now!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:32 30 Dec 2012

new cable

laptop stripping maybe some help there

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:37 30 Dec 2012

Now you know the chip ad motherboard are ok

Its cable or screen itself (inverter or back-lights would give blank screen)

New screen £60 -£80 more approx £100-120 to get repaired. I've done a few (not Advent) and they are all pretty similar hardest part seems to be getting the bezel off an on :0)

  Diemmess 12:26 31 Dec 2012

Thanks to all, a first class brain restorer.

That video though for the Advent Roma and not the model 7104 was enough to realise that I should stop now before I break my first rule of dissembling anything--------- Beware the thing that goes doy-ing!

On hearsay, the owner has this Laptop because that's what people have, in this case now 5 years ago.

Oddly he only needs to find a half decent monitor somewhere and he has - - a Desktop.

He is ready to bin it. I suggested removing the HD and RAM first though the RAM is probably too old to use as additional to current computers and now await his Yea or Nay.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:47 31 Dec 2012

Yes it will

connect it to the TV with a long VGA cable and sound cable(3.5 male to male)

and you have got yourself a smart TV

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