laptop display problem

  gingepaul 19:19 23 Jun 2004

me mates got a problem with his laptop and its got me stumped.

when he boots up the screen is full size showing the bios info, but as soon as windows starts the screen shrinks to a small box about 4 inch high and 5 wide.
now i think i just need to change his display resolution, but when i open the dialogue box i can only see the top half of it, so cant see what the feck im doin.
does anyone know if theres a dos command that i can use?
Ive tried tabbing down through and guessin it as well, and thought i'd got lucky b4 when it asked me to restart, but its the same.

  sam2004 19:26 23 Jun 2004


have you tried to connect a external monitor to enlarge the picture so that you can see the whole of the dialouge box?

  Djohn 20:40 23 Jun 2004

When you boot the laptop tap away at one of the function keys [F8] I think and this will take you to the screen you want. Choose safe mode or VGA mode. See if you can get to display properties from there.

  gingepaul 20:53 23 Jun 2004

tried that mate, but i just get a 301 error, keyboard i think.

  Djohn 21:06 23 Jun 2004

Just been playing about with the resolution of my 17" TFT gingepaul and it makes no difference as to which resolution you choose, it always fills the screen but at a different size of display.

Some will not display and a message comes up saying "Out of range". So this may not be the problem your friend is having. Could it be similar to a CRT monitor where you can adjust the size of display to fit the screen by using the controls on the front of the monitor?

I think on a laptop you can access this through a special function key, may have to use Alt or Ctrl key at the same time.

  gingepaul 22:44 23 Jun 2004

dont think its that m8, mainly because the bios displays full screen. ill have a play though.
someone else has suggested that magnifier might be on (the lad whos comp it is aint really savy with technology) so i'm gonna look into that as well.
I did try plugging it into my monitor as well, but i just got a fullscreen view of the same desktop, ugly.
ill leave it till tomorrow now because it takes about 5 minutes to boot, and i'm tired of booting the beast.

btw its an ibm thinkpad 600, p2, 64 mb ram, win 98 se.

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