Laptop Display issue even after replacement cable?

  kman1706 18:50 20 Jul 2014

My sisters HP G62 was having an issue where by weird artifacts such as white lines, freezing of the display etc would occur when in use. A quick search online revealed that others had this same or similar issue caused by a damaged display cable from the display to the motherboard. Hooking up an external display worked fine. So I ordered a new display cable from ebay and set about taking apart the laptop to install the new adapter. I cleaned out the CPU heat sink which was clogged with a ton of dust etc and applied new thermal paste. Removed the old display cable and put the new one in. However, when I go to test it I now get a white screen with occasional glimpses of windows. I connected up a external display and that seemed to work fine. Could this be an issue with the display itself and not the cable? Or could the cable I bought be faulty or something completely different? Also, is it normal for the laptop fans to spin up and lights to flash when I press the power button, then for everything to power down and then start up again like normal and boot? I don't remember it doing this before. Thanks.

  john bunyan 20:02 20 Jul 2014

It may be a different issue, but my grand daughter's Toshiba Satellite's screen began flickering between bright and dark display. My local "expert" shop said that damage to the display circuit board can occur if one puts too much pressure on the frame - maybe by picking up the laptop with the lid open, by the top of the frame. I will know next week, when a new screen is fitted (again - previous on damaged by a cosmetic spray). (19year old , clever but clumsy!)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:13 20 Jul 2014

White screen is usually the cable getting pinched as it runs past the hinges into the lid /screen.

have another go at repositioning it.

most laptops Ii deal with fans power up full on first boot and die down a second or so later.

  alanrwood 09:28 21 Jul 2014

I would start by checking that the new cable had been installed correctly and not damaged during the fitting process. Can you run the computer with the cable available to move and flex a bit. Before trying anything else I would check that the cable is the correct one for the job, Does it have a matching part number to the original.

Having said all that it might not be the cable at all It is possibly the connections to the LCD screen. Have a look on YouTube or Google for a strip down procedure as I have not done this myself on your machine type.

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