laptop display failure

  clarky8325 22:36 11 Oct 2003

packard bell ipower 5542 (9 months old)

display seems to have failed. any possible remedies appreciated or do i have to wait 6 weeks to get it fixed by them?

  Djohn 22:46 11 Oct 2003

Connect to an external display, preferably a CRT type monitor, this will give you a display to work from to check your settings and resolution/refresh rate, also drivers. This sometimes kicks the Laptops display back into use as well. j.

  clarky8325 23:08 11 Oct 2003

tried this. the monitor was showing 'no signal'. then plugged into the laptop and got a blank screen.

  Djohn 23:51 11 Oct 2003

When you plugged into the external monitor did you use the button on the Laptop to change display output?

  clarky8325 07:27 12 Oct 2003

er...nope. i'll try that!

  griffo 07:37 12 Oct 2003

we have had this problem with 2 HP Omnibook XE3's. If you try disconnecting the battery (when switched off) and leave it for, say 10 minutes or so, then reconnect and reboot. This seems to work for us. I believe it is referred to as 'flashing the motherboard'? Anyway, worth a try.

  clarky8325 08:29 12 Oct 2003

have checked on the packard bell website and there doesn't appear to be an in-depth manual stating where a monitor button is??? have also checked my documentation here and again no explicit manual instructions of how to employ an alternative monitor. aren't these settings normally in the control panel settings under display (or power management)which i can't see at the moment for obvious reasons.

  muppetmark 08:50 12 Oct 2003

On 2 laptops I've owned pressing the Fn button and F4 allows you to toggle between Laptop monitor, Laptop and external monitors and just the external monitor. Maybe a small picture/symbol on the relevant F button

  clarky8325 09:29 12 Oct 2003

have just posted this here click here to see if i can get a response to the problem:

'could someone please explain how to operate an external monitor from this laptop please. (at the moment i have no display so need to use external monitor CRT)

which buttons allow you to toggle to external monitor when you have no display?



  Djohn 14:27 12 Oct 2003


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